Haven Academy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving came early at a Bronx charter school on Tuesday for more than 500 students — some of whom are homeless or in transitional housing.

The feast at Mott Haven Academy Charter School was part of an annual event that provides a traditional meal with all the trimmings for some of the neediest children in the South Bronx.

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Youth Today Education Conference

Nine percent of foster youth who are in middle school in New York City are proficient in math compared to approximately 40% citywide. Only 25% of students in foster care graduate from high school on time compared to 45% citywide.

These were just a few of the numbers shared and discussed by education and foster care professionals from around the country at “Safeguarding Their Futures: Supporting the education of child-welfare involved children & youth,” a conference last week. They gathered at the New York Bar Association to share research and data gathering techniques and to brainstorm ways to collaborate across systems and agencies to make sure that youth in foster care get the education they need to succeed.

Watch the video and read more at Youth Today.


Just about every weekday, Nancy wakes up around dawn and travels from her home in The Bronx to The Foundling’s headquarters in Manhattan for a morning of work. As a Program Assistant, she ensures that her floor is organized and running smoothly, and her tasks – which include refilling the copier machine, stocking the kitchen, and organizing conference rooms and shared areas – help her coworkers work effectively and efficiently.

It’s Nancy’s first paying job, and she loves every moment of it.

As a participant in The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division, Nancy has worked hard to achieve this level of independence. She’s lived in one of our supportive residences since 2004, and always felt like she could do more in her life. A few years ago, Nancy joined our Employment Services Program, where she had the opportunity to volunteer at numerous organizations and learn important work skills.

NancySince May, Nancy has worked for The Foundling, assisting staff in our Evidence-Based Community of Programs division. She enjoys having her own desk, supportive coworkers, and regular duties to complete, and particularly appreciates the independence and sense of purpose that employment provides.

Nancy’s supervisor, Maria Gomez, heralds her positive attitude and outlook, and remarks that her presence uplifts everyone on the floor. Nancy is committed to always looking toward the future, and finding joy in whatever awaits her. To that end, she plans to continue working for The Foundling, and hopes to someday move into her own apartment.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and we’re so proud that Nancy – as well as others in our programs at The Foundling – are supported in finding personal fulfillment, thriving in their communities, and living their best lives.

NY1 Noticias - Haven Academy

En la escuela Charter Mott Haven Academy de El Bronx, el 25 por ciento de los estudiantes no tienen un hogar. Es la primera escuela en toda la ciudad que está dedicada a jóvenes sin techo.

“Tenemos un equipo de trabajadores sociales que trabajan desde el principio, cuando los niños comienzan aquí en la escuela, para asegurar que tengan uniformes, que tengan comida, transportación, para que tengan las mismas experiencias que tienen otros niños que no vienen de la misma situación”, explico Sara Touma, directora de grados de 6to a 8vo de la Charter Mott Haven Academy.

Con esto, la escuela trata evitar los efectos negativos que sufren los niños al no tener un lugar donde vivir. Según las cifras más recientes del departamento de educación del Estado, uno de cada 10 estudiantes de la ciudad de Nueva York no tiene un hogar. Tienen que vivir en un albergue o temporalmente con un familiar.

Read more and watch the video at NY1 Noticias.

Denis Torlic

Each November, runners from across the world line up in Staten Island to race through the five boroughs in the annual TCS New York City Marathon. The 2019 marathon on Sunday, November 3 is not only an opportunity for athletes to compete in the world-renowned 26.2-mile race, but also a special opportunity for nearly 400 charity partners to fundraise through the support of running teams.

For the third year in a row, The Foundling is an Official Charity Partner of the TCS New York City Marathon with a team of five official runners! By helping our team in their efforts, you’ll also be helping the 30,000 children, youth, individuals, and families who rely on The Foundling’s programs and services each day. A donation to any of our runners’ campaigns will help support our team as they gear up for the big race.

Meet our runners and learn more about what motivates them to run for The Foundling!

Laurene Coral

Laurène Coral

From her home in Eastern France, Laurène didn’t imagine that she would be running the NYC Marathon anytime soon. When her friend Claire told her there was an open slot on Team Foundling, she leapt at the opportunity to support us! Here are some words from Laurène herself:

Hi all! My name is Laurène and I’m a young French woman. I am inspired by the strength of children and families in the foster care system and I’m happy to spread awareness for everything that The Foundling does.

Every January 1st, I wrote my list of resolutions. Every day gives us the opportunity to be better and do something different, but the new year is special in that it feels like a clear turn of the page. Running a marathon has always been part of the list but I never thought that 2019 would be THE year. A couple of weeks separates us from the TCS New York Marathon now and I am both nervous about being able to complete it and proud to run for The New York Foundling. This is my first marathon but this is also my first real fundraising experience and it makes the training so much more meaningful. Running has helped me a lot and helping others is a great way to give back!

Claire Tetart

Claire has been a close friend of The Foundling since joining the development team of our supporters French-American Aid for Children. This will be Claire’s first marathon, and she’s excited to be joined by her dear friend from home, Laurène.

Ryan Dougherty

Ryan Dougherty

For several years, Ryan has witnessed The Foundling’s work from the periphery through the eyes of his girlfriend Kelly, a member of our Junior Board. As a 2019 marathon runner, he now officially joins our Foundling family.

Kate Wheelock and Holt Baker

A member of our Junior Board since 2017, Kate and her fiancée Holt have generously dedicated their time to The New York Foundling in between their busy legal careers. For Kate and Holt, being part of Team Foundling is an opportunity to become closer to The Foundling community.

Male Role Model Day

Mott Haven Academy honored the important men in its students’ lives Thursday. The school kicked off its annual ” Bring Your Male Rode Model To School Day” with a fun photo shoot. At the event, students were seen with dads, grandpas, uncles and community leaders.

Some male teachers from the academy also got involved in the event. The school also hosted a panel discussion for the men. This created an open dialogue about their own role models. They were also able to share advice about everything from parenting to being an involved community member.

The day encouraged the men to build a support group with each other to continue these discussions outside of the school.

Read more and watch the video at News 12 Bronx.

NYU Silver

NEW YORK, NY – October 17, 2019 – The New York Foundling, one of the city’s oldest and largest social services providers, today announced that $60,000 in scholarships will be awarded to a group of five Master of Social Work (MSW) students at New York University’s Silver School of Social Work during the 2019-2020 academic year to encourage talented young people to pursue careers in social work and child welfare. It is the second consecutive year that The Foundling has provided such scholarship support for child welfare-focused NYU Silver MSW students.

The rising costs associated with graduate education can be a deterrent to students pursuing careers in the social services. These scholarships are intended to reduce some of that financial pressure and empower students with the drive and the desire to work in child welfare to pursue their passion.

“Social work is a rewarding, fulfilling career path that allows individuals to make a tremendous difference in the lives of the children and families who most need a helping hand on their journeys to stability, strength, and independence,” said Bill Baccaglini, President and CEO of The New York Foundling. “This scholarship lessens the financial burden associated with higher education and incentivizes motivated, purpose-driven students to be a part of this transformational work and be a positive force in their communities.”

The recipients of the scholarships, who are known as The New York Foundling Fellows, have also been assigned internships at programs run by The Foundling, with one each at The Foundling’s Crisis Nursery, Home of Integrated Health, Mott Haven Academy Charter School, Supportive Housing Program for Youth Aging out of Foster Care, and TFCO Program.

“We are grateful to The Foundling for this critical scholarship funding, which will support five future child welfare practitioners and leaders in pursuit of their career goals.” said NYU Silver Dean and Paulette Goddard Professor of Social Work Neil B. Guterman. NYU Silver is known for its excellence in clinical training and Dr. Guterman is himself among the School’s cadre of faculty experts in the area of child welfare. ”I am confident that The Foundling’s investment  will reap benefits not only for the fellows, but to numerous vulnerable children and families whom they will serve in the decades to come.”


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About The New York Foundling

At The New York Foundling, we trust in the potential of people, and we deliberately invest in proven practices. From bold beginnings in 1869, our New York-based nonprofit has supported a quarter million neighbors on their own paths to stability, strength, and independence. The New York Foundling’s internationally-recognized set of social services are both proven and practical. We help children and families navigate through and beyond foster care. We help families struggling with conflict and poverty to grow stronger. We help individuals with developmental disabilities live their best lives, and we help children and families access quality health and mental health services core to building lifelong resilience and wellbeing. For more information, please visit www.nyfoundling.org.


About NYU Silver School of Social Work

NYU Silver School of Social Work provides a robust and engaging environment for the education of professional social workers, offering undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degree programs. The School serves as a major postgraduate training center for practicing social workers and offers master’s students intensive learning opportunities in family and children’s services, mental health, integrated health, substance misuse and co-occurring disorders, palliative and end-of-life care, restorative justice, and other innovative and emerging areas of social work. MSW students also have the opportunity to pursue global learning with NYU Silver programming in New York, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, and other cities around the world. Founded in 1960 and renowned for a strong tradition of excellence in direct social work practice and dedication to social justice, NYU Silver has provided rigorous training to over 18,000 social work practitioners and leaders in every area of the field. The School’s faculty are on the leading edge of scholarly research and address society’s most intractable problems with a focus on proactive approaches and preventive interventions that transform lives. For more information, please visit socialwork.nyu.edu.

Ardsley House

FIOS 1 News reported on the grand opening of The Foundling’s new residence for people with developmental disabilities in Westchester County. The state-of-the-art facility will provide in-home, round-the-clock care, support, and habilitation for up to six adults, empowering residents to age in place with dignity and community.

Watch the video at FIOS 1 News.

Guest Post by Sister Carol Barnes

Nun and Baby

150 years ago today, on October 11th, three Sisters of Charity moved into a brownstone on East 12th Street in Manhattan in order to provide a safe haven for infants who were being abandoned during those difficult days. Initially, the Sisters expected to have 2 or 3 months to prepare their home for this purpose but within 24 hours, a faint cry alerted them to the fact that a new born girl, Sarah H., had been had been placed on their doorstep.

The community grew quickly, not just with children (126 babies were placed with the Sisters by the end of 1869), but also with wet nurses who provided nourishment for the children.

Sr. Mary Irene Fitzgibbon

To meet the needs of the growing community, the Sisters acquired the 68th Street property which provided adequate space for the new programs which evolved: St. Anne’s Maternity Hospital, St. John’s Pediatric Hospital and St. Mary’s Maternity Residence for single pregnant women. In addition, two hospitals for tuberculosis patients, both children and adults, were opened in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. All of this was accomplished under the direction of Sr. Mary Irene Fitzgibbon, the Foundling’s first administrator, in the course of the first 25 years of its existence.

Boy with Stuffed AnimalToday, The Foundling continues to expand, and in the spirit of the early sisters, responds to emerging needs, developing new ways of having a positive impact on the lives of children, youth, adults, families and communities.

Throughout these 150 years, the Sisters of Charity have continued to guard The Foundling’s Mission; currently, the Sisters of Charity Ministry Network carries out this critical responsibility through the exercise of its reserved powers.

As a representative of the Sisters of Charity, I am privileged to work with our incredible staff as we strive to integrate Mission into every aspect of The Foundling.

Learn more about The Foundling’s history:

The New York Foundling Book

The Foundling: The Story of The New York Foundling traces the legacy of our organization – from its founding in 1869 by the Sisters of Charity through the turn of the 21st century. Written by award-winning New York Times editor Martin Gottlieb with contemporary photography by renowned photographer Claire Yaffa, The Foundling provides an engrossing historical overview of our extraordinary organization.

Originally published to a limited run in 2001, the book has now been reprinted and updated for our 150th anniversary!

This updated edition includes all new photographs from Ms. Yaffa, a special message from Bill Baccaglini, President and CEO of The Foundling, and an additional chapter that continues our history through 2019.

Get your copy for a total of $60, including shipping and handling, by completing the order form below: