Meet Sashoi – for 18 years, she has devoted her professional career to helping people with developmental disabilities live their best lives. With the support of The Foundling, she has continually worked to further pursue her calling – helping people grow and thrive on their own paths to strength and stability.

“The history and values are what have kept me at The Foundling. For 150 years, The Foundling has helped people be the best they can be, regardless of background or abilities. I’ve been proud to uphold these values in my career,” Sashoi says.

Sashoi joined The Foundling in 2001 as a Direct Support Professional, working with people living in a Foundling residence in the Bronx. There, she found incredible fulfillment in helping those in her care reach their full potential. That passion compelled her to complete a nursing degree while working at The Foundling. Today, Sashoi is Vice President of Nursing in our Developmental Disabilities Division.

Sashoi 2Inspired every day by the people she serves, Sashoi is excited about the person-centered approach that the Developmental Disabilities Division has implemented in recent years. Through this framework, our caring staff works to help each program participant achieve their individual goals, develop independence, and thrive within their community.

NancyThis approach means that people like Nancy, a DD resident that completed our Employment program and now works for The Foundling , can achieve a degree of independence they never thought possible.

It means that twins Kenneth and Keith, who have severe developmental and physical disabilities, have the support to learn new life skills and transcend expectations.

At The Foundling, our mission and values drive the important work we do – and our impact is only made possible by the help of our devoted staff, the strength of the people we serve, and our committed supporters.

This holiday season, please consider making a donation to help continue this important work. With your support, we can help others like Nancy, Kenneth, and Keith reach their full potential.

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Just about every weekday, Nancy wakes up around dawn and travels from her home in The Bronx to The Foundling’s headquarters in Manhattan for a morning of work. As a Program Assistant, she ensures that her floor is organized and running smoothly, and her tasks – which include refilling the copier machine, stocking the kitchen, and organizing conference rooms and shared areas – help her coworkers work effectively and efficiently.

It’s Nancy’s first paying job, and she loves every moment of it.

As a participant in The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division, Nancy has worked hard to achieve this level of independence. She’s lived in one of our supportive residences since 2004, and always felt like she could do more in her life. A few years ago, Nancy joined our Employment Services Program, where she had the opportunity to volunteer at numerous organizations and learn important work skills.

NancySince May, Nancy has worked for The Foundling, assisting staff in our Evidence-Based Community of Programs division. She enjoys having her own desk, supportive coworkers, and regular duties to complete, and particularly appreciates the independence and sense of purpose that employment provides.

Nancy’s supervisor, Maria Gomez, heralds her positive attitude and outlook, and remarks that her presence uplifts everyone on the floor. Nancy is committed to always looking toward the future, and finding joy in whatever awaits her. To that end, she plans to continue working for The Foundling, and hopes to someday move into her own apartment.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and we’re so proud that Nancy – as well as others in our programs at The Foundling – are supported in finding personal fulfillment, thriving in their communities, and living their best lives.

Ardsley House

FIOS 1 News reported on the grand opening of The Foundling’s new residence for people with developmental disabilities in Westchester County. The state-of-the-art facility will provide in-home, round-the-clock care, support, and habilitation for up to six adults, empowering residents to age in place with dignity and community.

Watch the video at FIOS 1 News.

Written by Foundling Intern and Guest Blogger, Liam M.


The men and women involved with The New York Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities program and services have been taking advantage of community activities and events across the city and surrounding counties. And with summer around the corner, including longer and warmer days, the best is yet to come!


Below is a roundup of some of the exciting ways our individuals are keeping busy, and putting into practice the skills they’ve been working on in recent months with their advocates, coaches, and mentors. Together, they’re setting and achieving goals centered on independence, as well as teamwork and relationship building with others.


  • In May, a group of residents based in the Bronx mastered art classes, using different materials and style of paint—like water color and acrylic—to express themselves through artwork, building the techniques and skills to become better painters!
  • A field trip to Old Tapan took place recently where our individuals were able to take the front seat of Go-Karts, and enjoyed the outdoor air and wind driving on the tracks with their house managers and the Direct Support Professionals who provide care for them at home.
  • Last week, hundreds of men and women from The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division attended an annual basketball tournament in Nyack, NY. There were several different teams competing and players enjoyed the drills to help them prepare. Staff from The Foundling served as coaches, referees, and scorekeepers—and the sidelines of the court were filled with cheerleaders!


More events are underway this summer for the men and women in The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division—as well as our other program areas. To learn more and get involved, please email


Staff from The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division attend the 2018 National Conference of DSPs in St. Louis, MO, and pose here with Joseph Macbeth, Executive Director of the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP).


September 9-15 marks National Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Week across the county. Direct Support Professionals are vital in the work that is done to support individuals with developmental disabilities. This job requires technical and value-based skills – knowledge, experience, and compassion – that enable people to overcome challenges and realize their full potential. 


At The Foundling, we believe that the high quality of support that DSPs provide allows each person to have a life of opportunity, well-being, freedom, choice, and contribution. Our staff rise to this challenge every day. The lives of the people we support are enhanced and, in many cases, transformed, by their work.


As we take time to celebrate the men and women who have dedicated their careers to helping others, we wanted to share some inspiring quotes from our staff.


“I love being a Community Habilitation Specialist within The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division because the children and families we support are amazing. They have goals and they want to work on them. They have their bad days, but mostly it is just fun and great to help them, and it’s great to be a part of their life and help them reach their full potential.”


– Ana V., Community Habilitation Specialist



“I like to be a voice for not only the people we support but for the staff who take care of the people we support.


– Clara J., Residence Manager at The Foundling (Rockland County)



“I like hearing from the people we support. I like to see the look on their faces when they accomplish a goal.”


– Aleen V., Direct Support Professional at The Foundling (Staten Island)


“I enjoy working with people and making a difference in their lives and just being there for them to help them achieve some of the things they want to do in life.”


– Rosmeri L., Direct Support Professional at The Foundling (Manhattan)



“Direct Support Professionals are always hands on with the people we support, and as a manager, I have to ensure they have the tools and knowledge to complete their job. This includes checking on them and making sure they are okay emotionally, physically and psychologically.”


– Rita D, Residence Manager at The Foundling (Staten Island)

The New York Foundling, a social services nonprofit that has served the city for almost a century and a half, is merging with fellow nonprofit the Thrive Network as it seeks to expand its programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. READ MORE

The New York Foundling, a social services organization serving the community nearly 150 years, today announced that it is expanding its reach and impact for individuals living with developmental disabilities by bringing the services of The THRIVE Network under its programming umbrella. READ MORE


New York, NY (September 11, 2018)The New York Foundling, a social services organization serving the community nearly 150 years, today announced that it is expanding its reach and impact for individuals living with developmental disabilities by bringing the services of The THRIVE Network under its programming umbrella.  THRIVE, an organization which has served individuals with development disabilities for over 20 years, will join The Foundling and continue to operate under its own name.


Since 1974, The Foundling has provided services to the developmental disabilities community, operating a vast network of programs including residential, day habilitation, Medicaid care coordination, respite, and community habilitation. Under this new programmatic expansion, THRIVE’s individuals and staff will have the support of The Foundling’s strong operating budget, an array of business and administrative departments, and access to innovative technology, financial reporting, facilities, and program impact evaluation tools. In addition, the expansion will allow staff members of The Foundling and THRIVE to enjoy a larger network of colleagues and improve the sharing of best practices for staff members across both organizations.


“Caring for our individuals and providing them with outstanding service is always our main goal and priority. Over the next 3 years, New York State has mandated that organizations will have to change the way that they manage the medical and behavioral health care of the individuals in our programs, and it will dramatically change how the business operations of programs will operate.,” said Bill Baccaglini, CEO and President of The New York Foundling. “Organizations like THRIVE and The Foundling – with shared missions and philosophies as well as mutual respect – need to be as efficient, smart and as innovative as possible. Adding THRIVE to the Foundling family will ensure that the people who receive support from us are able to live their best lives.”


“Changes being implemented at the State level require organizations to provide services within more comprehensive managed care environments – a move I believe will ultimately benefit the people we serve,” said Charles A. Montorio-Archer, outgoing CEO of The THRIVE Network.  “In the face of this evolving landscape, joining The New York Foundling will allow THRIVE to strengthen our presence, be more adaptable, and continue to provide the best possible care.”


The New York Foundling is one of the community’s largest and longest-standing nonprofits, and is dedicated to nurturing the safety, well-being, and supportive relationships that each person needs to reach their full potential. Through its many programs and services, The Foundling serves more than 30,000 children, youth, adults and families every year in New York and Puerto Rico.


The THRIVE Network, founded in 1996, is a social services agency dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, and currently serves individuals throughout Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.



About The New York Foundling
The New York Foundling reaches 30,000 children and families each year in all five boroughs of New York City, surrounding counties, and Puerto Rico. Established in 1869, our vision is a community where every person, regardless of background or circumstance, enjoys the safe, stable, and supportive relationships needed to reach his or her full potential. To achieve this, we provide evidence-based programs that focus on keeping families together; preventing abuse and neglect; providing academic support for children; and giving people with developmental disabilities the tools and training they need to lead independent lives. For more information, please visit

National Nurses Week began on Friday, May 4 and runs through Friday, May 11. To celebrate and honor the team of nurses we have at The Foundling, we asked them a few questions about their experiences over the years, what made them choose this profession and what they value most about their careers. Their answers were so heartfelt and inspiring that we decided to share some excerpts below.


What do you admire most about the men and women who enter the field of nursing?


“Nurses serve other each and every day by putting people first and increasing their quality of life.”


 – Aimee Greene, Vice President of Nursing at The Foundling


“Teamwork (and) the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”


– Sashoi G., Assistant Nursing Supervisor for The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division


Why did you become a nurse?


“As a child, I knew nursing was my calling. My aunt who raised me nursed people in our community. Sometimes, she took me along with her and they called me little Florence Nightingale. As a child, I didn’t know what this meant, but I know now that she was a pioneer for modern nursing and I was honored to be compared to her. I started working at The Foundling in 2000 as a Registered Nurse in the Bronx with a case load of 12 individuals. Last year I was promoted to Assistant Vice President of Nursing!”


– Delores L., Assistant Vice President of Nursing


The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division


“I became a nurse because I wanted to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Nursing has always felt natural to me, and the perfect career fit. I’ve been a nurse with The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division for three years now and it’s been a rewarding, insightful and humbling journey.”


– Cherchill C., Registered Nurse


Tell us about a memorable moment working at work?


“There is an individual who recently reminded me why I am in this profession and why I love what I do. He had a rough start before he was released to our care. He has multiple medical diagnoses along with his developmental disabilities which require extensive protocols and close medical follow up. Today he is healthy, stable medically, and thriving in one of our residential homes. He receives excellent support from the whole staff and I am there to ensure his medical needs are being met. It gives me such great satisfaction to watch someone flourish to their full potential.”


– Marie Y., Registered Nurse


“My favorite part is the universal professionalism and dedication shown by every single department across The Foundling. It is a reminder that we are all in this together and the support is just astounding.”


– Rachel D., Registered Nurse