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The New York Foundling is proud to be involved with ACS’s ‘College Choice’ program, which expands the vital academic, emotional, housing, and financial supports that our Fostering College Success Initiative provides for college students in foster care.



ACS Will Continue to Support Youth in Care by Paying up to $15,000 Each Year in Tuition, Plus Room and Board Not Covered by a Student’s Financial Aid Package

Providing a $60 Daily Stipend, Coaching, Tutoring, and Career Counseling

NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) Commissioner Jess Dannhauser today announced “College Choice,” a program that will provide college students in foster care with greater support systems, including financial support, so they can attend the college of their dreams without having to worry about the hefty price tag. As part of the program, ACS will help pay remaining costs of college tuition— up to $15,000 each year — in addition to any room and board not covered by a student’s financial aid package. College students in foster care will also receive a $60 daily stipend per year, which can be used towards food, clothing, transportation, and more.

All youth in foster care will additionally be able to keep the coaching they already receive through “Fair Futures,” which has provided thousands of youth in foster care, ages 11 to 21, with dedicated coaches and tutors since 2019. The Adams administration recently expanded Fair Futures for youth ages 21-26. Further, the New York Foundling — a non-profit social service organization that supports young people in foster care— will provide students with tutoring, career counseling, and other related services.

“College Choice will provide college students in foster care with the support they need to complete their college education successfully and attend the school of their choice, regardless of cost,” said Mayor Adams. “This new program provides our young people in foster care help in covering up to $15,000 in tuition costs each year not covered by financial aid, as well as room and board, and even provides a daily stipend for food or clothes. Growing up has never been more challenging, so we are holding up the torch to support our young people. No students’ chances for success should depend on factors outside of their control. Now, our youth in foster care can attend a community college, a CUNY, a SUNY, an Ivy League, an HBCU, or any other school they dream of without worrying about how they pay for their education.”

“This program is truly remarkable. College Choice will provide the opportunity for young people in the foster care system to pursue their goals and dreams, with reliable, realistic, and sustained support,” said Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Anne Williams Isom. “The program accounts for day-to-day expenses and real-world costs, all of which give young people the sincere chance to advance educational attainment and likely their lifetime earning ability. Thank you to ACS for its leadership and to all of our philanthropic and nonprofit partners for making this program possible.”

“New York City is making sure more doors of opportunity are open for young people in foster care, and the College Choice program is just one more way that we are doing that,” said ACS Commissioner Dannhauser. “This new program will mean that young people in foster care can attend the college of their dreams without having to worry about the financial nightmare. No matter the school — east coast, west coast, public, private, two years, or four years — ACS will support our young scholars in foster care. We are thrilled to launch the ‘College Choice’ program and I am confident it will help put more and more young people on the path to success.”

“A college degree is a major step toward upward mobility and economic freedom, but it is often out of reach for students because they can’t pay for costs not covered by financial aid. I’m proud of New York City for providing a financial pathway for young people in foster care to pay for tuition, room and board costs, and other essentials, like food and transportation,” said The City University of New York (CUNY) Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez. “These young people shouldn’t have to go hungry or build debt to attend college. More than half of the students benefiting from College Choice this academic year are attending a CUNY college and we are grateful to Mayor Adams for helping these young people get the support they need to achieve their educational dreams.”

“With the Dorm Project, I was able to pursue my dual bachelor’s and master’s degrees without having to worry about my financial situation. I was really able to just focus on my goals and my studies. The College Choice program is now a resource available to all youth in care if they choose to pursue higher education,” said Sanjida Afruz, student participant in College Choice at City College. “The College Choice program essentially says that young people in foster care can and should dream big. With time and evident passion from people, like Mayor Adams and Commissioner Dannhauser, we are seeing changes that we have advocated for, and it makes me happier than ever.”

“For over 150 years, The Foundling has been dedicated to serving our community. Our Fostering College Success Initiative is an example of how we have responded to meet the needs of the children and families that we serve,” said Melanie Hartzog, president and CEO, The New York Foundling. “We are grateful to the Adams administration and the Administration for Children’s Services for launching the College Choice program and expanding the vital supports provided by the Fostering College Success Initiative. Continuing this partnership means equipping College Choice participants with the necessary framework to reach their full potential.”

College Choice builds off the Adams administration’s investments in upstream solutions and deep commitment to improving educational outcomes for youth in foster care, and helping ensure they lead healthy, productive, and self-sufficient adult lives. All full-time college students in foster care will be eligible for the benefits as long as they have applied for financial aid, maintain a 2.0 grade point average, and participate in any academic support programs for which they’re eligible. Benefits will be available for a maximum of three years for an associate degree or five years for a bachelor’s degree.

College Choice will offer all full-time college students in foster care the following benefits covered by ACS:

  • Tuition and mandatory fees (up to $15,000 per year), that are not covered by a student’s financial aid award.
  • The cost of room and board.
  • A stipend of $60 per day to cover food and other expenses while attending school. This benefit is also available for up to six months after graduation from college.
  • Students attending a college or university in New York City can choose to live in housing sponsored by that college or university, or in one of the following six housing options:
    • The Towers at City College of New York
    • The Summit at Queens College
    • Hunter College Residence Hall (Only for students attending Hunter College)
    • International House of New York
    • 92Y Residence
    • Outpost-Club Student Housing in New York City
  • Students attending in-person classes at a college or university outside of New York City can live in housing sponsored by that college or university, or in safe and appropriate off-campus private housing.
  • Students enrolled only in online classes at a college or university can live in housing sponsored by that college or university, or in any of the six housing options for New York City students.
  • Students who want to stay in college/university housing during the summer are required to be engaged in meaningful summer activities (such as participating in an internship or taking classes).
  • Students can receive tutoring, career counseling, and related support provided online and in-person by New York Foundling staff.
  • Students can maintain their Fair Futures coach while in college.

New York City leads the nation in providing support to youth in foster care and youth transitioning from foster care. Fair Futures has been in place since 2019, but the Adams administration recently provided additional resources to ACS so that Fair Futures could be expanded to include youth in foster care from ages 21 to 26.

Previously, students in foster care were eligible to participate in The Fostering College Success Initiative, also known as “The Dorm Project,” which provided year-round housing and academic supports to youth in foster care attending CUNY schools. ACS also offered the Fostering College Success Stipend, which provided college students in foster care with a $31 daily stipend.

College Choice expands upon these offerings by providing similar benefits to all students in foster care, regardless of which college they choose to attend. New York City is the first jurisdiction in the nation to implement an initiative for youth in foster care of this breadth and scale. Earlier this year, the Adams administration also announced a new vocational training and apprenticeship program, VCRED, for youth, ages 16-24, who are in foster care, as well as youth who recently left foster care or the juvenile justice system.

Approximately 230 young people in New York City foster care will benefit this upcoming school year from College Choice.

“As a former educator, I know how life changing a college education is in a person’s life, but for too many New Yorkers, the rising costs of college make it unattainable,” said U.S. Representative Carolyn Maloney. “Our city’s foster youth especially bear the brunt of rising college costs. I applaud Mayor Adams for making college more accessible for our city’s foster youth by enacting ‘College Choice,’ a program that will change the outcomes of so many young people’s lives.”

“I’m so proud that our city is investing in children in foster care who deserve support on their higher education journey. I look forward to seeing these students succeed with the help of assistance to pay tuition and living expenses,” said New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera.

“I commend the creation of the College Choice program to help disadvantaged youth in foster care have an opportunity at higher education, building upon the Fostering College Initiative,” said New York State Senator James Sanders. “A college degree is absolutely essential in today’s world in order to find a good job and access to opportunities for financial and personal growth. The extra money for tuition, housing, food, clothing and transportation that are provided by these programs because they are not covered by financial aid is a lifeline for these youth.”

“New York City’s College Choice program will ensure that youth raised in care have the opportunity to obtain a college degree, regardless of what school they plan to attend,” said New York State Senator Roxanne J. Persaud. “This year, more than 200 New York City youth in foster care will attend college under this program and I wish them well in their studies.”

“All students deserve the support they need to attend the school of their dreams, regardless of their familial background,” said New York State Senator Andrew Gounardes. “Ensuring that students in foster care have more financial support — as well as the expanded academic and career support for students in foster care recently enacted by Mayor Adams — is crucial to their success in not just attending their chosen college, but in realizing their fullest potential as young New Yorkers. Investing in our students is investing in the future of our city and our state, and I am looking forward to continuing to work alongside Mayor Adams to support young New Yorkers to be the best that they can be.”

“I fully support the College Choice Program because despite the personal challenges of these students who are connected through the foster care system, their living conditions will not hinder them from pursuing higher education opportunities to better themselves,” said New York State Assemblymember Alicia Hyndman. “These students have aspirations in life, and it is our duty to continue to educate and provide them with the proper resources to succeed. The youth are our future and to see the Administration for Children’s Services’ (ACS) commitment to provide this opportunity for students is a magnificent moment, not only for the students, but also for the city of New York. Thank you, Mayor Adams, for providing the resources to ACS to expand this program. Let us continue to trend forward with this initiative and prepare our youth for the future.”

“Our young people exiting foster care must have no financial barriers on the road to academic success. College expenses outside of tuition can be as much as $16,000 per year,” said New York State Assemblymember Jenifer Rajkumar. “This includes the costs of books, housing, food, transit, and more. This program will close the gap between a school’s financial aid package and the full costs of college, allowing many more foster children to attend. The coaching and counseling will also be crucial to academic success for these young people, who might otherwise have no access to an advisor. When foster care children have the wraparound support they need, they can become some of New York City’s best and brightest, ready to succeed in school and in life.”

“As a leader who has had my leadership roots planted from my early days in public higher education, I cannot underscore the importance of having education be accessible to all,” said New York State Assemblymember Yudelka Tapia. “All throughout my life, I have seen firsthand the effects that poverty and lack of parenthood has on many people and their chances at college readiness and career placement. By funding the college choice program, the mayor is ensuring that the many overlooked and unseen New Yorkers have an opportunity to thrive.”

“I support the ACS’s launch of ‘College Choice’, a program focused on providing students in foster care financial support for college-related expenses not already covered by traditional financial aid packages,” said New York State Assemblymember Chantel Jackson. “Students in foster care often face obstacles not experienced by their classmates and their home status should not impede their pursuit of education.”

“I fully support this program,” said New York State Assemblymember Nikki Lucas. “Unfortunately, there is a disproportionate number of students in foster care in my district, which makes the “College Choice” program even more important for students in the 60th Assembly District. The program gives students an opportunity to go to college with a little less stress in their lives. This program might be the difference we need to have more students continue their education on the college level. Now we have to provide the outreach to get the information to the students who are eligible.”

“Investing in New York City’s foster care youth will expand opportunities that allow them to thrive,” said New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams. “By helping defray the many costs of higher education, the city is facilitating their long-term success and laying the foundation for a brighter future. As a strong supporter of Fair Futures and other programs that support young people in foster care, I am excited about the potential of ‘College Choice’ and look forward to seeing its impact.”

“Every child deserves the opportunity to a higher education, said New York City Council Majority Whip Selvena N. Brooks-Powers. “College Choice offers a transformative path for some of New York City’s most vulnerable students, not only providing the opportunity to afford higher education, while covering costs outside of a student’s financial aid package but by providing vital tutoring and career services that can be a major hurdle before and following graduation. I applaud Mayor Adams, Commissioner Dannhauser, and New York Foundling for providing students with a comprehensive approach to aid students on a pathway to success.”

“I would also like to thank Mayor Eric Adams and his administration for expanding opportunities for some of our most vulnerable students. Too many of our foster care students have to choose between working and pursuing a college education due to a lack of financial support and resources,” said New York City Councilmember Oswald Feliz. “The College Choice Program will provide college students in foster care with financial help so that they can pursue higher education. This program helps ensure that the children in foster care remain focused on pursuing their college education and will help ensure that no child is left behind, regardless of their income.

“Our kids only get one chance at a good education and covering expenses for students in foster care will go a long way to optimize their opportunities to thrive and succeed in college,” said New York City Councilmember Lynn Schulman.  “Thank you to Mayor Adams and ACS for making this positive difference in the lives of our city’s foster youth.

“As a former foster mom, I know first-hand the types of challenges that students in foster care experience,” said New York City Councilmember Rita Joseph. “College Choice represents an exceptional opportunity for this marginalized student population to receive a quality college education, and I applaud this announcement. We can’t allow foster students to be forgotten anymore!”

“It is vital to the city’s growth that we continue to invest in our young people,” said New York City Councilmember Althea Stevens. “I’m excited about the investment in our young people around that city that will ensure they have equitable access and opportunity to higher education. Thank you to the New York City Administration for Children Services, for working to continue to provide beneficial support, for the future of youth in foster care and youth transitioning from foster care.”

“As leaders and community advocates, our responsibility is to guide our youth transitioning out of foster care to have the support to pursue their dreams,” said New York City Councilmember Marjorie Velázquez. “The “College Choice” program opens doors for equity in higher education, which is long overdue. The average student already faces challenges while pursuing a college education, and the financial burden for those in foster care is already hefty. The supplemental financial support will help bridge the gap and allow students to focus on academics rather than balancing a job with their studies or worrying about how much is on in their meal plan.”

“For many New Yorkers, the path to achieving a higher learning degree is blocked due to the high costs of tuition and living costs in our city,” said Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine. “College Choice is a positive step toward supporting young New Yorkers beyond high school and helping students most in need of support to thrive and succeed.”

“The ‘College Choice’ program can be the make-or-break factor in whether or not a person in our foster care system continues on to the degree they dreamed of – breaking down barriers to academic access and attainment,” said Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso. “This program also goes the extra mile beyond critical financial support, ensuring participants feel supported through coaching, tutoring, and additional counseling, which are often overlooked as important factors in someone’s academic success. Thank you to our city’s leaders for making this investment and supporting our young adults in the foster care system.”

“The ability to achieve the ‘American Dream’ can be greatly aided by a college education, so no one should be denied such an education due to an inability to pay for it,” said Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. “People in foster care have already been through so much in their lives, so it is important they are not shut out of the opportunity to attend college and to fulfill their greatest possible potential. The College Choice program is an outstanding way to bring college within reach of our foster care youth, so I strongly commend Mayor Adams and the Administration of Children’s Services, led by Commissioner Jess Dannhauser, for launching this innovative initiative.”

“City College, like all CUNY schools, has an astounding track record in promoting social mobility, especially among vulnerable populations,” said CCNY President Vincent Boudreau. “The College Choice Program represents a unique opportunity for effective partnerships with ACS. A partnership that is precisely aligned with our deepest held values and core competencies, and we are truly excited at the chance to play a role in this exciting program.”


News 12 Brooklyn reported on Vital Brookdale, our new supportive housing complex serving those aging out of foster care and those with developmental disabilities.

In their video report, the news crew speaks to Foundling staff member Cathy Branche and resident Patricia Jackson – who speaks to the complex’s focus on accessibility and best serving the needs of its community.

Watch on News 12 Brooklyn

Camp Felix 2022

Since 2006, Camp Felix – our overnight summer camp – has provided a safe space for those in our programs to explore, grow, and learn. As our experts have stated, camp provides an invaluable opportunity for children and teenagers to navigate social interactions, learn to problem solve, get physical exercise, and have new experiences. For young people in the child welfare system, camp also provides an opportunity to get away from the pressures of their daily lives – and to simply be a kid.

Even during the height of the pandemic, we never stopped providing camp magic for the young people we serve: we created the virtual Camp Felix @ Home in 2020, and hosted a limited half-capacity season in 2021. These were wonderful experiences that allowed our campers to enjoy activities and camaraderie while staying safe and healthy – yet nothing can compare to the experience of staying in a cabin away from home, participating in a variety of activities, and bonding with fellow campers.

This year, we’re proud to share that Camp Felix has returned to its former glory, with a full camp season serving 140 campers!

Because camp was held at a new location this year – Camp Linwood MacDonald in New Jersey – Camp Felix campers were able to enjoy the amenities and perks of a larger campsite. Campers used their journalism skills to publish a newsletter for the first time, and had the opportunity to try new on-site activities, such as lake swimming, kayaking, ziplining, fishing, archery, rock climbing, and more!

Camp Felix’s annual Open House – where Foundling staff and stakeholders tour the grounds, enjoy a meal, and watch a talent show created by the campers – returned this year, allowing campers to show off their singing, dancing, and poetry skills.

Both staff and campers enjoyed the experience. “I loved seeing the kids have fun this summer,” said one camp counselor. “It was a great experience to be around kids that [may have not had] a positive role model in their life, and be that person that they look up to.” As one parent shared, “[My daughter] enjoyed every part of [camp], and talked about it for days after coming home.”

Additionally, we launched a new specialty camp this year – Camp Felix Pride! Designed to be an inclusive and enriching experience for LGBTQ+ youth, 22 campers attended the 1-week session in Connecticut. Special activities included karaoke, biking, yoga, and a dress-up drag night.

We have high hopes for the future, and are excited to provide even more Camp Felix programming in the months ahead. This year, we will be hosting year-round recreational activities, field trips, holiday celebrations, a Youth Council, and other events to provide meaningful opportunities for our young people to connect with each other throughout the school year.

Camp Felix is made possible with the support of our partners at The Felix Organization, with special thanks to the American Foundation of Savoy Orders.

DD Basketball

The Council on Quality and Leadership published a feature interview on our recent accreditation from their agency, which provides additional perspective about our inclusive approach to transforming our services for people with developmental disabilities.

As Michael Clausen, CQL Director of Personal Outcomes, writes, “It was obvious that [The Foundling] didn’t just view it as ‘passing a test.’ It was so much more than that… The New York Foundling demonstrated that they were ‘in it’ for the right reasons, treating accreditation as a time to reflect, celebrate, and plan out their journey to strengthen the quality of their services and help improve the lives of people they support.”

Read more at CQL

ABC7 - Vital Brookdale

ABC 7 recently covered the opening of our Vital Brookdale supportive housing complex, highlighting the project’s role in providing housing for people with developmental disabilities and young adults aging out of foster care – allowing them to live independently and thrive.

Watch the video below to see the units and hear from Anthony McQueen, a resident with developmental disabilities who is proud to have moved into his new home.

Read more on ABC 7 NY


Dr. Ruth Gerson, our Senior Vice President for Mental Health Services, was recently featured in an article focusing on the heightened need for mental health support for young people. A new Columbia University study reports that in 2020, nearly one in five Americans between the ages of 12 and 25 were affected by depression.

“What we saw for a long time leading up to the pandemic and subsequently since is an increase in kids ending up in emergency rooms for mental health concerns because they don’t have anywhere else to go,” she says.

Read more at Gothamist


A variety of games were available

Our annual Friends and Family BBQ, hosted by our Developmental Disabilities Division, is a summer highlight for those living in our residences and attending our day and community habilitation programs. The people we support look forward to the opportunity to come together and connect with friends and family, while enjoying food, games, music, and more.

While the event was on hiatus due to the pandemic, it returned this year in full force! Last month, the event took place at Glen Island Park in New Rochelle, NY. Around 1,110 attendees came out for a joy-filled day!

In addition to barbeque food, dishes such as chicken and mac and cheese were served

Attendees, their families, and  Foundling staff members enjoyed a variety of food – burgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese, chicken sandwiches, fish, cornbread, and more – and had the opportunity to dance to music provided by a DJ. Other activities included balloon making, face painting, corn hole, and flag football.

As a testament to the presence The Foundling has in the community, two Assembly Members were also in attendance – Amy Paulin and Thomas Abinanti – and had the opportunity to meet the people in our programs!

And amidst all the fun, it was also a bittersweet time for our Foundling staff.

Jill Gentile and Thomas Abinanti

Jill Gentile and Assemblymember Thomas Abinanti speak to Foundling staff

It was the last BBQ for Jill Gentile, Senior Vice President of our Developmental Disabilities Division, who will be retiring this fall. Her retirement was celebrated at the event, from custom t-shirts to a moving speech by our Board Chair Bob King honoring her leadership over the past 9 years.

At The Foundling, we are committed to ensuring that each person in our care is able to live their best lives. For those with developmental disabilities, this is what that looks like – providing a supportive space to connect with peers, maintain and bolster family relationships, participate in meaningful activities, and feel appreciated and valued. We look forward to an even bigger and better BBQ event next year!

View more photos from the event below:


Thank you to Grassy Sprain Pharmacy for sponsoring the 2022 Annual Friends and Family BBQ.

Tai's Tacos

For the New York Mets’ September 2 game at Citi Field, pitcher Taijuan Walker partnered with The New York Foundling for his Tai’s Taco Truck initiative, where he gave out free tacos and solicited donations on behalf of The Foundling.

Read more at CSRWire


At The Foundling, we believe that anyone – regardless of age, circumstance, or location – has the potential to make a difference in the world.

Lucy Musler, a 14 year old student from Issaquah, Washington, is a shining example of this. This past spring, she was assigned a school project in her 8th grade Language Arts class – prompted by the book “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton – to create a plan to help those who lack support systems within their communities. The project resonated deeply with Lucy, and she created a detailed plan to raise money to donate supplies to children in foster care. While her teacher did not expect Lucy to execute her plan, Lucy was determined to see it through. Lucy created a GoFundMe, shared her story, and set a goal of $400. Ultimately, she far exceeded her goal, raising a staggering $3000, which she donated to The Foundling and other organizations that support children in foster care and preventative services.


Lucy and her family are overjoyed by the success of the campaign, and grateful for the generosity that has come out of this project. She recently visited New York City for the first time on a family vacation, allowing Lucy to feel a deeper connection to her fundraising work. As she prepares to enter high school this fall, she looks forward to using her compassion and motivation to help others in the future.

We did a short interview with Lucy – read more about her experience and connection to The Foundling below!

For your school project, you created a plan to help kids in foster care, and then you made it happen! Why is this cause important to you?

I’m lucky to have a happy family and a roof over my head, but I’m a teenager; a lot of the foster kids I read about are my age. It could easily be my friends or my classmates. That’s what makes this important to me.

After you decided you wanted to support foster youth, what next? What were your steps for starting this fundraiser and reaching out for support?

My initial aim was a fundraiser held inside of my school, so I pitched my ideas to the school fundraising committee. When that turned out to be a dead end, I decided to take the project to the internet. From there, I selected the organizations, formulated a budget, and set up the GoFundMe.

What advice would you give to someone else trying to fundraise for a cause they care about?

Cliché, but my advice would be to not give up. I felt pretty stuck after my first plan failed, but if I’d quit then, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what I have.

You recently found out you have a family connection to The Foundling. Did you know that when you first decided to start this fundraiser? Did learning about your family history change your perspective?

My Gruncle (great uncle) Tom told me that my great, great grandpa was cared for by The Foundling after I had already chosen it as one of my organizations, and I found it to be a pretty beautiful coincidence. I hope my donation to The Foundling can also be a thank you for creating my family, as well as many others.

Have you been involved in community service in the past, or is this the first time you’ve done a project to help others? Would you do other things like this in the future – and if so, do you have any ideas of what you’d like to try next?

I haven’t been involved in community service in the past, but I plan to in the future. I’m a strong writer, so I’ve thought about doing some essays. However I do it, though, I definitely want to use my skills and privileges to help others. Making an impact in the world is important to me.

Is there anything else that you would like people to know about you or this project?

I just want to shout out Ms. Kwok, the teacher who assigned this project and made it all possible. She’s a great teacher and a truly kind person.

Inspired by Lucy’s story? You too can support the children, adults, and families in our programs:

Peer to Peer (P2P) fundraising allows passionate individuals to raise money on behalf of an organization through personalized giving pages that they share with peers – friends, family, coworkers, and other contacts.

There are many reasons to create a P2P fundraising page, including:

  • Birthdays – instead of presents, have friends/family donate to a cause close to your heart
  • In Memorium – honor the memory of a loved one with a fundraiser for their favorite charity
  • Personal Goals – utilize P2P fundraising as a personal incentive to help you achieve fitness goals or other aspirations, while making a difference in the lives of others
  • General Support – maximize your impact in the community, by leveraging your social networks to do good

Join other fundraisers on The Foundling’s dedicated P2P platform– JustGiving – by  clicking ‘Fundraise for Us.’

For questions or additional information on P2P fundraising for The Foundling, reach out to Laura Wright at Partners@NYFoundling.org or 212-886-4087.


On November 6, Team Foundling will take to the streets for the TCS New York City Marathon! The world’s largest marathon and a source of inspiration to runners worldwide, the race will include over 50,000 athletes who will complete a 26.2-mile route through all five boroughs of New York City.

This year marks our largest team of runners yet – and while they come from different backgrounds and have different athletic aspirations, they all share a commitment to not only reach their personal race goals, but to raise money for the children, adults, and families in our Foundling community as well.

Read more about each of our team members below, and learn how you can support them and The Foundling.

Ryan Dykhouse Ryan Dykhouse

 Ryan has only been running for four years, but in this time, he has participated in the 2018 Detroit Marathon, as well as the Brooklyn, NYC, Disney, and Portland Half Marathons. He loves the runner community, especially around big races, and how supportive everyone is when you are training and participating in an event. For the NYC Marathon, he’d ideally like to break the 4 hour barrier.

It’s his first time running with a charity partner, and he’s excited for the opportunity. Not only is he looking forward to the comraderies and shared commitment that comes with running with a team, but he’s passionate about The Foundling’s work. As he shares, “The Foundling is such an incredible institution for kids in New York City. As a former NYC public school teacher, I am thankful for any organization that works to provide underserved youth with opportunities to embrace life and grow into the best people they can be. And The Foundling is exactly that kind of organization.”

Support Ryan here!


Eric KanagyEric Kanagy

Eric has completed 4 marathons in the past (including the NYC Marathon), and is excited to run for The Foundling this year! He enjoys running in lower Manhattan and Central Park, and particularly cherishes how the sport provides him with the opportunity to think without distractions.

As a foster parent with The Foundling, he shares a personal connection to our mission, and is excited to support our work!

Support Eric here!


Jeffrey TuchmanJeffrey Tuchman

Jeffrey’s been an avid runner for 15 years, and has completed two marathons and five half marathons. Most recently, Jeffrey was a member of Team Foundling for the 2022 United Airlines Half!

He is eager to run for The Foundling once again, as he cares about children and supports investing in their present and future.

Support Jeffrey here!


Timothy WilliamsTimothy Williams

Timothy’s been a runner for 18 years, and most recently ran with us for the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon earlier this year!  His favorite places to run are across NYC and on the beach, and he particularly enjoys the sense of accomplishment that running gives him.

Timothy comes to Team Foundling through a deep understanding and passion for our mission. He is a foster parent with us, and was drawn to create a safe, loving environment and life for children who need a supportive home. Timothy is excited to combine his interest in running with his dedication to helping our Foundling community.

Support Timothy here!


Emerson DavisEmerson Davis

Emerson will be running her very first marathon as part of Team Foundling! She’s been a runner off and on since high school, and has completed in five half marathons in the past. Her favorite song to run to is Higher Love by Whitney Houston, and her favorite places to run are Prospect Park and Central Park.

She is particularly passionate about The Foundling’s Haven Academy and our Haven Kids Rock performing arts program. “I believe in the transformational power of the arts and Haven Kids Rock is a wonderful example of that,” she shares.

Support Emerson here!


Jacqueline Falcon

Running “can provide a mental and physical escape, and is one thing that’s completely powered by you,” says Jacqueline. She’s been a casual runner for the past 10 years, and has completed a few 5k runs, but this is her first marathon! She’s excited to soak up the energy of the city, and to finish the race.

Jacqueline’s excited to raise money for The Foundling, and has a personal connection to foster care and adoption. “I believe strongly that having an advocate for you can completely change the course of your life,” she says. “My mother was someone who was adopted at age 13 and suffered through a difficult home environment. She ultimately was set on a better path thanks to someone who was able to advocate and give her access to resources like the ones that The Foundling provides.”

Support Jacqueline here!


Amanda BrownAmanda Brown

Amanda has been a runner for her entire life, and is excited to finish the NYC Marathon! She enjoys running in forests and parks, to Beyonce, Drake, and Brockhampton’s music.

Running for The Foundling is just one more way she’s deepening her connection to The Foundling – she also serves on our Junior Board, was a Camp Counselor at Camp Felix, and volunteers regularly for the organization. “My work with The Foundling is what inspired me to become a teacher, and to teach in a high need, urban environment,” she says.

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CL Freedman

CL is a beginning runner who hopes to complete the NYC Marathon this year! She enjoys running because you need nothing but an open road, and enjoys running along the West Side Highway.

CL was formerly on The Foundling’s Junior Board, and is drawn to our organization’s deep history and wide scope of programs.

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David Stuckey David Stuckey

David is excited to join Team Foundling and complete the marathon in under 3:45. He enjoys running along NYC’s waterfronts, as well as in neighborhoods that he’s unfamiliar with. Running allows him to clear his head – he often doesn’t listen to music, and running gives him time to think.

David is excited to be on Team Foundling – he loves that the organization provides holistic support to families and young people, from counseling to housing to education and so much more!

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Cecile CurtinCecile Curtin

Cecile has been a runner for 7 years, and has completed the virtual Boston Marathon, the Philadelphia Marathon, and the Marine Corp Marathon. For the NYC Marathon, she hopes to finish in under 5:30-6:00.  She enjoys running in Cape Cod and Central Park, and likes that it provides a chance to zone out and clear her head.

Her connection to The Foundling comes through family – her daughter Taylor previously worked for The Foundling as an Education Specialist! 

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