Since 1970, the TCS New York City Marathon – the world’s largest marathon – has been a source of inspiration for runners around the globe. On November 6, 2022, over 50,000 athletes will once again take to the streets for a 26.2-mile route through all five boroughs of New York City. While the lottery for general admission to the race is now closed, The Foundling still has spots available for dedicated runners. Join us in becoming a part of this important milestone!

In partnership with New York Road Runners, The Foundling is proud to support a team of ten runners. Apply today to join The Foundling’s 2022 TCS NYC Marathon team, as spots will fill up quickly! The final deadline to secure your spot is June 1!

Click here to learn more and reserve your spot!

Christiane Palpant at Gallery
Christiane Palpant

Christiane Palpant

The Foundling is excited to partner with Agora Gallery artist Christiane Palpant this spring. Christiane’s painting, The Journey Aglow, will be featured on the label of this year’s exclusive Foundling Rosé, and a portion of the proceeds from her current gallery exhibition will go directly to supporting The Foundling’s work.

Christiane is captivated by the natural world – particularly skies, clouds, and horizons – and her landscape paintings illustrate and evoke gratitude, resilience, and beauty. Like many of those in our Foundling community, Christiane’s life has been a winding journey.

Wine Label

Our 2022 Rose label, featuring Christiane Palpant’s painting, A Journey Aglow

She discovered painting as a healing outlet while on bed rest for nearly a year, and recently quit her lifelong career in financial services to devote her life to her art. This month, she is setting out in a modified van (which she’s named Millicent) on a 25-week cross-country journey to paint in all 50 states and further pursue her creative ambitions.

In the interview below, Christiane discusses her artistic career, the painting featured on our 2022 Rosé, and her connections to The Foundling’s work supporting children, adults, and families in reaching their full potential:


You’ve had an interesting journey in becoming an artist – one that shows a lot of inner strength and required a lot of bold choices. Can you share a little about this trajectory?

It has occurred to me that I approached my healing journey from both a left brain and right brain perspective.  In left brained fashion, once I realized that my healing journey was a marathon, I constructed a spreadsheet with daily mini-goals and milestones.  But my right brain kicked in when I asked myself what I could do while on bedrest in order to keep myself mentally strong.  Picking up the paintbrush was my answer and I attacked it with great passion painting sixty works that first year.  Nonetheless, healing was still a difficult and arduous process, but I am filled with gratitude for family, friends, and faith.  There were several powerful conversations that helped guide difficult life decisions.  I’ll never forget when one friend shared, “Healing is not linear.”  Understanding that better has helped me to embrace the ebbs and flows of both the healing journey and creative process.


During your upcoming travels, you plan to interview women across the country that have made major life changes after experiencing trauma or dramatic events. This has a parallel with many of our Foundling participants, who often draw on the challenges they’ve overcome when transforming their lives. What draws you to these stories in others? Can you share the goal of this project?  

Along with painting in all 50 states, one of the missions of my Millicent van journey is to capture the courageous stories of the women whose voices haven’t been heard.  Just like the clients of The Foundling, these women have not only transformed their own lives, but often have made a very positive impact on those around them.  These poignant journeys knit the souls of our communities.  Capturing these experiences is especially interesting to me because of my own encounter with a near death experience followed by more than a year on bed rest.  I know how difficult it was to continuously take one figurative step after another and make daily bold decisions that changed the trajectory of my life.  I believe many people can identify with pivotal moments in life and will be eager to hear of other compelling journeys.


Can you share a bit about the painting that will be featured on the Foundling’s 2022 Rosé – The Journey Aglow?

The painting, The Journey Aglow, is very special to me.  I painted it after spending a week with a dear friend who has three children from the foster care system.  This painting gives the feeling of being on a journey with someone special, cresting a precipice and gasping in wonder at the view.  The heavens are aglow, and it is a beautiful respite after so many trying moments.  Scenes like these bring moments of gratitude for the soul, refreshment, and interconnection.



Christiane, Agora Gallery, and The Foundling gathered at the opening reception for “Interconnection and Intuition” on March 3, 2022

Your exhibition at Agora Gallery is called “Interconnection and Intuition.” As our wine is called “We are Intertwined,” we feel there’s some symmetry here! What does the word ‘Interconnection’ mean to you? How do the paintings in the exhibition demonstrate this?

My paintings featured in Agora Gallery’s “Interconnection and Intuition” exhibition were painted during the global COVID-19 pandemic.  It was a poignant time during which human connection became sacred, revered, and sought after in safe settings.  The titles of my pieces tie to my feelings during the painting process.  The viewer can capture the sentiment with titles such as Calm Amidst the Chaos and descriptions of Resilience, Contentment, and Respite.

The words ‘Intertwined’ and ‘Interconnection’ are also the perfect description for my upcoming Millicent van art journey through all 50 states.  In my previous financial services career, I traveled extensively across the US.  As a result, I am planning to connect on my travel route with dear friends and family in 47 of the 50 states.  I can imagine there will be many new friends that will unfold during this powerful and creative experience.


What is your personal connection with The Foundling’s mission and values?

My close friend and former college roommate fostered three children and ultimately adopted them a couple of years ago.  I’ve been actively engaged in their lives the past decade and I’ve watched the positive impact on these beautiful, vulnerable lives.  (The children on their own started calling me ‘Dad’.  I think it’s hilarious and touching.)  Additionally, I teach at Georgia State University and this year I have mentored a young lady who came from the foster care system.  She is a special lady and even at her young age has aspirational dreams of owning her own business.  Because of these powerful personal experiences, The Foundling’s mission is near and dear to my heart.


What are your goals for the future?

For the past two decades I have kept my goals listed on a spreadsheet.  (This is my left-brain kicking in.)  While on bedrest for more than a year I created goals for 7 specific areas of pursuit: art, teaching, writing, speaking, consulting, media, and travel.  My project with The Foundling, Agora Gallery, and City Winery is on the right path for accomplishing the goals I’ve listed.  The 50-state Millicent trip also is the trajectory I have envisioned.  As Thoreau said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined.”  I look forward to future meaningful projects with The Foundling and Agora Gallery.


Learn more about Christiane’s partnership with The Foundling  in this video from Agora Gallery:

Christiane’s work, including The Journey Aglow, is on view at Agora Gallery – her exhibition, “Interconnection and Intuition,” runs from March 1-22, 2022. Learn more here (10% of all sales from the exhibition will be donated to The Foundling.  Christiane will also be donating a portion of the proceeds from the art she sells on her 25-week cross-country trip to The Foundling.)

The 2022 limited edition of We are Intertwined, The Foundling’s exclusive Rosé produced annually in partnership with City Winery, will be available exclusively from April to June as well as featured in local New York City restaurants. The wine is available for pre-order now, with a percentage of each sale going directly to support our work! This 2020 Rosé of Pinot Noir is refreshing and crisp, with hints of clementine and strawberry. Learn more and place an order!

For the first time, The Foundling has a team of runners participating in the United Airlines NYC Half. On Sunday, March 20, Team Foundling will hit the streets for a 13.1-mile course through Brooklyn and Manhattan.

We have one spot remaining on Team Foundling! If you’re interested in running in the 2022 NYC Half, please reach out to Laura Wright at Laura.Wright@nyfoundling.org today!

Read about each of our team members below, and learn how you can support them and The Foundling:


Daniela Hess Daniela Hess

Daniela has enjoyed running since her high school days, when she ran for her school’s cross country and track teams. She believes that running is a great way to see New York City, with her favorite place to run being Astoria Park. Daniela previously ran the NYC Half in 2019, supporting a different charity partner – JDRF. This time, she is excited to return to the course and raise funds for The Foundling!

Learn more and support Daniela!


Jeffrey Tuchman Jeffrey Tuchman

Jeffrey’s been an avid runner for 15 years, and has completed two marathons and four half marathons. He is eager to run for The Foundling, as he cares about children and supports investing in their present and future. For the 2022 United Airlines NYC Half, his goal is to finish in under 2:30, injury free.

Learn more and support Jeffrey!


Timothy WilliamsTimothy Williams

Timothy, who ran the NYC Marathon in the past, comes to Team Foundling through a deep understanding and passion for our mission. He is a foster parent himself, motivated to create a safe, loving environment and life for children who are in need of a supportive home. Timothy is excited to combine his interest in running with his dedication to helping our Foundling community.

Learn more and support Timothy!


Brian and Stephanie CumminsBrian & Stephanie

Brian and Stephanie have run in numerous events together, including the Athens Marathon. The United Airlines NYC Half, however, will be Stephanie’s first race in three years, and her first one since having two children! She and Brian are excited to run with Team Foundling, with which Stephanie shares a professional connection through her role as Director of Philanthropy at Freedom Mortgage. Stephanie has helped coordinate with The Foundling on corporate volunteerism and donations.

Brian also shares a connection to The Foundling, as he is moved by the organization’s work with children and families. “As a father of two, I do my best to provide every opportunity I can to ensure they have the best upbringing and education, he says. “I’d love to give back and help kids who may not otherwise have those opportunities.”

Learn more and support Brian!

Learn more and support Stephanie!


Lauren Mitchell

Lauren has been running for 20 years, and has run numerous races through New York Road Runners. She loves running because it clears her mind. Her favorite routes take her across New York City’s bridges, and she keeps her energy up by running to Beyonce’s music.  For this year’s half marathon, she hopes to set a new personal best for herself.

Learn more and support Lauren!


Erin LippmannErin Lippman

Erin started running in her early twenties and found it great for mental health and stress relief from the daily grind of living in NYC. Muhammad Ali’s words: “service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth” have always resonated with her. Being able to run on behalf of different causes and philanthropic organizations has allowed her the gift of giving back to others while doing something that she loves.  She’s eager to run on behalf of The Foundling because she can combine her passion for running with her commitment to helping children and families in need. As a new member of The Foundling’s Junior Board, she’s looking forward to the beginning the marathon of working together to benefit our communities.

Learn more and support Erin!


Holly Smeltzer HeadshotHolly Smeltzer

Holly, who has run half marathons in the past, is committed to finding time to exercise and promote self-care. She’s proud to run the United Airlines NYC Half with Team Foundling – this is her first time running with a charity partner, and she’s excited to work toward her fitness goals while giving back to the community. Holly’s ties to The Foundling run deep – not only does she work as The Foundling’s Associate Vice President of Supportive Housing, but she is a foster parent as well! “I’ve always believed in the incredible work being done at The Foundling, even before I was an employee here,” she says. “Now that I am an employee, I believe in the mission and values even more!”

Learn more and support Holly!


Vic MitchellVictor (Vic) Mitchell

As an award-winning entrepreneur, Vic has founded, acquired, and turned around a number of diverse businesses over the past 35 years. He is also committed to giving back – Vic’s been involved with various charities and philanthropic efforts around food insecurity, criminal justice, affordable healthcare, and freeing the wrongly convicted. Running for The Foundling, he’s excited to complete the United Airlines NYC Half while supporting the children, adults, and families in our community.


Denis Torlic

Run the United Airlines NYC Half with Team Foundling!

After a 2 year hiatus, the United Airlines NYC Half is back on March 20, 2022! This half marathon, which has historically featured nearly 25,000 runners, will send athletes along a 13.1-mile course through Brooklyn and Manhattan.

In partnership with New York Road Runners, we are excited to sponsor a team of ten runners for the event. While we have been a charity partner for the TCS New York City Marathon for the past five years, we are thrilled to be participating in the United Airlines NYC Half for the first time.

Click here to learn more and reserve your spot!

This year – with the generous support of our corporate partners, community supporters, and donors –  The Foundling was able to bring holiday cheer to the children, adults, and families in our programs!

While we usually host a number of holiday celebrations and events annually, the pandemic placed most of our festivities on hold last year. Earlier this month, vaccinations and other developments allowed us to gather in-person once again, albeit on a limited scale and with strict safety precautions. After the past year and a half, these recent events felt particularly special.

Here’s how the Foundling community came together to celebrate the season this year:

Manhattan Lobby Decorating with Macy’s

Our annual tradition continued this year as our partners at Macy’s decked the halls of our Manhattan headquarters to bring holiday spirit to our staff and participants!

The Foundling’s Holiday Gift Drive

Junior Board Gift Sorting

The Junior Board volunteered their time to sort gifts for distribution to the people in our programs.

Peoplehood Volunteer Event

We hosted a corporate volunteer event for the staff at Peoplehood, where they created cards for our program participants.

Cub Scout Holiday Drive

Cub Scout Pack 422 in Manhattan hosted a holiday drive for The Foundling, collecting over $1100 in gift cards and over 200 toys.

Each December, The Foundling collects and distributes over 5,000 gifts to ensure that each child, adult, and family in our programs has a happy holiday season! This massive undertaking is only possible because of our generous donors, corporate partners, and volunteers.

TBTA Holiday Gift Giveaway

For over 25 years, the Emerald Society of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA) collects gifts for the young people in The Foundling’s programs (over 1,000 each year!), and hosts a special event featuring Santa Claus and more. In early December, they delivered a portion of the toys to our Manhattan headquarters, where kindergarten students at Haven Academy were invited to meet Santa and receive a gift.


Happy holidays from all of us at The Foundling!

Fireside Chat Still

On Thursday, September 30, we livestreamed a special Fireside Chat featuring current President and CEO, Bill Baccaglini, and Melanie Hartzog, his successor, in conversation.

It was a wonderful discussion about the vital work that is done at The Foundling each day, and an opportunity to meet our incoming leader. Hartzog discussed her background and experience in child welfare, and shared her vision for continuing The Foundling’s legacy of supporting children, adults, and families across our five service areas – particularly as our community continues to grapple with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In case you missed it, the full video is available below.  

Team Foundling is in the midst of training, fundraising, and preparing for the 2021 TCS NYC Marathon! On Sunday, November 7, our nine runners will hit the streets for a 26.2 mile course through all five boroughs of New York City.

Read about each team member below, and learn how you can support them and The Foundling:

Dan EatroffDan Eatroff

Dan began long-distance running three years ago, and finds it a meditative act. He is excited to run his first marathon, while supporting our community! He’s been training for the past few months, and aims to finish the marathon in less than 4 hours.

“I became involved with The Foundling recently and was impressed with the array of services they offer to the foster care community,” he says. “I want to support The New York Foundling’s team because I can make a valuable difference and educate my network to expand the Foundling’s reach.”

Learn more and support Dan!

James Grasso

James Grasso 

James, who has been on our Junior Board since 2018, is excited to be a part of Team Foundling and to run the NYC Marathon!  “I started running in high school on my cross country team and realized I both loved running and wasn’t so bad either,” he says. “I continued running through college on both the cross country and track and field teams. I like how you can always compete against yourself and carefully track your progress.”

He is passionate about The Foundling’s mission, and has been looking at ways to support and raise money for our programs for quite some time.  “I was very lucky to grow up with all the resources I ever needed, but I realize that many New Yorkers are born into difficult situations – and need help in the form of money, education, support.”

Learn more and support James!

Michelle Hadley

Michelle Hadley

Michelle has been an avid runner since running Varsity Cross Country in high school. “Running is the best, totally free therapy. No matter what you’ve been through or what you’re going through right now, a run can help you clear your head and move past the tough stuff in a productive way. Plus, I love how much guilt-free eating I can do,” she says.

Michelle joined The Foundling’s Junior Board this year, and is excited to use this opportunity to fundraise for our programs. She last ran the NYC Marathon in 2019, and is looking forward to beating her time and raising more money this year. “The only thing that gets me to run a marathon is a good cause, she shares. “It’s the perfect combination of two things I love passionately – giving back and running my heart out!”

She encourages other people to give back and provide support: “I’ve been through a lot in my life, but when I think back on how I had two loving parents and always had enough resources, I realize how truly lucky I am. I don’t see how any of us can live a day on this earth knowing there are children who don’t have that and not caring enough to do something about it. Be the person that does something about it.”

Learn more and support Michelle!

Kendra Morgan

Learn more and support Kendra!

Dr. Roslyn Murov

Learn more and support Dr. Murov!

Mike Russo

Learn more and support Mike!

Max Shapiro

Max is traveling to NYC from Los Angeles to run in his first marathon!  “The motivation to run a marathon specifically came from my Dad,” he shares.  “The way he has describes his experience running the New York City marathon has made it a long-time goal of mine.” He learned about The Foundling from one of his college friends, and was impressed with the organization’s work. “As I began to consider the prospect of running a marathon, I knew The New York Foundling’s team was who I wanted to run for,” he says.

Max began running long distance in March 2020, as gyms were closing due to the pandemic. Despite hating running in the past, he now finds it a great physical and mental outlet. “Whether I’m running for 30 minutes or two hours, the time allows me to disconnect and reflect in a way nothing else does,” he says. “And nothing beats the moments during a run when you lose track of time, distance, and feel like you can run forever.”

Max is looking forward to everything related to the marathon: “The training, the fundraising, meeting other members of the Foundling team, and of course… The finish line!”

Learn more and support Max!

Emily TsangEmily Tsang

Emily, who serves on our Junior Board, has been training for the past six months to run the NYC Marathon. She enjoys running as a hobby – viewing it as a meditation-like activity. It has been her life goal to run a marathon, and she’s excited to  achieve this while supporting a great cause.

 “There are many people who find themselves in situations out of their control. Everybody has the right to have a place to turn to and find aid in those situations and to have access to opportunities regardless of socioeconomic status,” she says. “The New York Foundling provides a range of amazing resources to thousands of people in need, and this is a great way to be a part of that!” 

Learn more and support Emily!

Molly Clarke

Learn more and support Molly!


Wine Bottle

Each year, City Winery creates an exclusive wine to benefit our shared community, with a percentage of proceeds donated directly back to The Foundling.  Just in time for summer, our wine is returning with two great ways to show your support: order We Are Intertwined, a 2019 “Rosé of Press,” in select New York City restaurants – or purchase online to enjoy at home!

Learn more here