Together, We Can End and Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect

Healthy Families

In 1869, we opened our doors and became a safe, stable, and loving home for infants and babies who couldn’t be cared for by their parents. More than 150 years later, The Foundling has maintained its commitment to keeping children healthy, supported, and protected from abuse, maltreatment, and neglect. Our legacy has not only continued through the years, but has grown stronger by working together with our community and our supporters. We help 30,000 of our neighbors each year across New York and Puerto Rico, with the goal of keeping children and families safe, supported, and together.

Initiatives like Healthy Families partner with new parents and provide guidance and linkages to community resources that promote positive childhood development. And Families Are Stronger Together uses an evidence-based approach to therapy that helps families experiencing crisis work through conflict and challenges and avoid a potential foster care placement. When there’s a clear risk and threat to a child’s health and safety, our Foster Care program pairs children with committed and loving relatives or foster parents. And, our innovative Child Abuse Prevention Program uses life-size puppets to teach elementary-age students how to detect and report abuse in their homes, while the Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection leads the charge in advocacy and education against corporal punishment.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month—and you can help us expand and grow our reach and impact as we share updates and information about our life-saving work.

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For each new follower we gain between April 1-30, an anonymous donor will contribute $1 to support our services and programs that keep children safe.*

Throughout April, we’ll be posting informative content on ways to recognize and prevent abuse and neglect. Not only will following The Foundling on social media allow you to hear about our latest news and updates, but you’ll help The Foundling secure additional funds to support children in our community through our $1 matching donation!*

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