Spring Cleaning…in your Kitchen!

Written by Foundling Guest Blogger, Madeline Rizzuti, RDN


Spring cleaning can be a cathartic, fun exercise and activity. We go through our closets, underneath our beds, maybe in the garage or attic to purge our homes of old or unwanted items. Sometimes we even find things long forgotten, and it’s like getting a new gift! A thorough home clean-up shouldn’t end there! Break out the Brillo and some rubber gloves, and get into that kitchen of yours.


You’re on a roll! Don’t stop now! Clean all the nooks and crannies of your cabinets, drawers, appliances, and counter tops. Sanitize all surfaces and make sure the space is completely clean of all food crumbs to prevent bacterial growth or unwanted pests. If your freezer is packed tight with freezer burn, take the time to fully defrost and clean it out.


Take this opportunity to Spring Clean your family’s diet as well!


Throw away any expired, old or unused items that you know will just continue to collect dust.


Get rid of any leftover treats or candies from winter holidays.


Restock with zero calorie beverages like Crystal Light, flavored seltzer, and unsweetened iced tea to have when the warm weather rolls in!


While you’re at it, what better time than spring to load up on beautiful fresh fruits and veggies coming into season each month? Some springtime seasonal produce includes collard greens, citrus fruits, artichokes, strawberries, and mangos among many others!


Clear your pantry of packaged, canned and other processed products leaves room for more fresh and whole foods that are lower in sodium and calories.



So go ahead and Spring Clean your Kitchen this season!


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