My Life at Spelman College | Foundling Guest Blogger, Tiana

Written by Foundling Guest Blogger, Tiana, a Former Road to Success Student


My first year at Spelman College is truly one that I will never forget. There were magnificent highs as well as a few lows, but no matter the circumstances, I strived to finish strong. In the summer of 2015 I was filled with an even mixture of fear and excitement as I was leaving to attend my dream school (Spelman College) nearly 1,000 miles away from home. Despite the great distance, I was ready for a change.


Once I set foot on campus, I knew that Spelman was my home. Instantly I felt this was the only place I could see myself happily attending for my college years to come. Although I did not achieve every goal that I had set for myself during my first semester, I continued to remain focused and not allow trials and tribulations to deter me from moving forward.


A huge part of the college experience is learning how to balance all aspects of life. From knowing when to focus on mandatory studies vs. when to focus on extracurricular activities, to learning how to balance multiple courses at once; you learn pretty fast that balance is everything. During my first semester, I learned that although college is a place for new experiences and a time for personal growth, it it is also a time to focus on the main reason I’m at Spelman: to learn from the best.


Despite some hardships that I experienced during my first year at Spelman College, I still achieved a fantastic goal. I was awarded an internship with the AT&T FLITE program which I will have until I graduate from college. This is such an amazing accomplishment and so fitting for me as I am an Economics major and this position allows me to work with various positions within Sales & Marketing. I get to have experiences inside the corporate world before I graduate! There’s even a possibility that I will be offered a full time position afterwards. My first year at college has been so incredibly memorable.


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