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Families Offering Care and Unconditional Support (FOCUS) is one of the many programs offered by The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division and is the first that integrates Evidence-Based Practice. The FOCUS program is an intensive Community Habilitation home based intervention with the treatment goal of preventing out of home placement of a youth who is diagnosed with a developmental disability.


Dina Racioppi, Lead Interventionist with FOCUS explained, “We are a 24-hour support system for these families and until they learn how to advocate for themselves, I am here for whatever they need any time of day.”


“Our skills trainers work with the youth in their home and in their communities and will work on short-term or long term goals that are focused around decreasing negative behaviors or increasing pro-social positive behaviors that the youth are exhibiting,” said Karmia Berry, Assistant Vice President of FOCUS.


Marisol Vendrell, a mother enrolled in The Foundling’s FOCUS program remarked, “I was surprised by the amount of help that I received from the FOCUS team. I had someone at my home at 6:30am helping me get my child ready for school!”


“We really become a part of the family,” added Dina Racioppi.


Two families currently receiving services from the FOCUS program shared their experience on camera.  Please click here to watch our video series where you’ll meet Marisol Vendrell, Irene Watson and staff from FOCUS team.


For more information about FOCUS please call 212-886-4020 or email I&R@nyfoundling.org


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