Nancy Finds Independence, Purpose, and Fulfillment at The Foundling


Just about every weekday, Nancy wakes up around dawn and travels from her home in The Bronx to The Foundling’s headquarters in Manhattan for a morning of work. As a Program Assistant, she ensures that her floor is organized and running smoothly, and her tasks – which include refilling the copier machine, stocking the kitchen, and organizing conference rooms and shared areas – help her coworkers work effectively and efficiently.

It’s Nancy’s first paying job, and she loves every moment of it.

As a participant in The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division, Nancy has worked hard to achieve this level of independence. She’s lived in one of our supportive residences since 2004, and always felt like she could do more in her life. A few years ago, Nancy joined our Employment Services Program, where she had the opportunity to volunteer at numerous organizations and learn important work skills.

NancySince May, Nancy has worked for The Foundling, assisting staff in our Evidence-Based Community of Programs division. She enjoys having her own desk, supportive coworkers, and regular duties to complete, and particularly appreciates the independence and sense of purpose that employment provides.

Nancy’s supervisor, Maria Gomez, heralds her positive attitude and outlook, and remarks that her presence uplifts everyone on the floor. Nancy is committed to always looking toward the future, and finding joy in whatever awaits her. To that end, she plans to continue working for The Foundling, and hopes to someday move into her own apartment.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and we’re so proud that Nancy – as well as others in our programs at The Foundling – are supported in finding personal fulfillment, thriving in their communities, and living their best lives.

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