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Curet Family
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Raising five children on her own, Jennifer was used to juggling responsibilities and being a constant source of stability for her family – but this year’s pandemic turned her life upside down. Jennifer struggled to maintain virtual school schedules and procure enough technology and supplies for her children to stay connected with their teachers. Additionally, she found it difficult to keep her home stocked with groceries, medications, and other essentials.

In this time of stress and uncertainty, The Foundling’s Mott Haven Academy Charter School became her source of stability. Our K-8 charter school, which combines a trauma-informed curriculum with wrap-around social services, is uniquely positioned to support its community in times of crisis. Social workers and teachers stepped in to provide Jennifer everything she needed – ongoing emotional support, childcare coverage, and assistance with supplies and essentials at home.

“The pandemic was rough, but they made it easier – with food, essentials, hand soap, paper towels, coloring books, crayons, everything,” Jennifer shares. “At Haven Academy, the teachers, social workers, and staff are not just there to help students—like my children—they also help parents and families too.”

With the help of The Foundling and our supporters, Jennifer is back to being a beacon of support for her family. “I’m ready to go. I just can’t wait to see what the future looks like,” she says.

Watch Jennifer and her family tell their story!

DID YOU KNOW: This year’s CARES Act makes a new charitable deduction available to taxpayers that do not itemize their deductions. Taxpayers who do not itemize their deductions may be able to deduct up to $300 for cash contributions.*

*Please consult your accountant or financial advisor to learn more about the CARES Act and your eligibility.

Your support can help mothers like Jennifer become heroes for their children. Join us in transforming the lives of our neighbors this holiday season.


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