United Airlines NYC Half 2022 – Meet Team Foundling!

For the first time, The Foundling has a team of runners participating in the United Airlines NYC Half. On Sunday, March 20, Team Foundling will hit the streets for a 13.1-mile course through Brooklyn and Manhattan.

We have one spot remaining on Team Foundling! If you’re interested in running in the 2022 NYC Half, please reach out to Laura Wright at Laura.Wright@nyfoundling.org today!

Read about each of our team members below, and learn how you can support them and The Foundling:


Daniela Hess Daniela Hess

Daniela has enjoyed running since her high school days, when she ran for her school’s cross country and track teams. She believes that running is a great way to see New York City, with her favorite place to run being Astoria Park. Daniela previously ran the NYC Half in 2019, supporting a different charity partner – JDRF. This time, she is excited to return to the course and raise funds for The Foundling!

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Jeffrey Tuchman Jeffrey Tuchman

Jeffrey’s been an avid runner for 15 years, and has completed two marathons and four half marathons. He is eager to run for The Foundling, as he cares about children and supports investing in their present and future. For the 2022 United Airlines NYC Half, his goal is to finish in under 2:30, injury free.

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Timothy WilliamsTimothy Williams

Timothy, who ran the NYC Marathon in the past, comes to Team Foundling through a deep understanding and passion for our mission. He is a foster parent himself, motivated to create a safe, loving environment and life for children who are in need of a supportive home. Timothy is excited to combine his interest in running with his dedication to helping our Foundling community.

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Brian and Stephanie CumminsBrian & Stephanie

Brian and Stephanie have run in numerous events together, including the Athens Marathon. The United Airlines NYC Half, however, will be Stephanie’s first race in three years, and her first one since having two children! She and Brian are excited to run with Team Foundling, with which Stephanie shares a professional connection through her role as Director of Philanthropy at Freedom Mortgage. Stephanie has helped coordinate with The Foundling on corporate volunteerism and donations.

Brian also shares a connection to The Foundling, as he is moved by the organization’s work with children and families. “As a father of two, I do my best to provide every opportunity I can to ensure they have the best upbringing and education, he says. “I’d love to give back and help kids who may not otherwise have those opportunities.”

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Lauren Mitchell

Lauren has been running for 20 years, and has run numerous races through New York Road Runners. She loves running because it clears her mind. Her favorite routes take her across New York City’s bridges, and she keeps her energy up by running to Beyonce’s music.  For this year’s half marathon, she hopes to set a new personal best for herself.

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Erin LippmannErin Lippman

Erin started running in her early twenties and found it great for mental health and stress relief from the daily grind of living in NYC. Muhammad Ali’s words: “service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth” have always resonated with her. Being able to run on behalf of different causes and philanthropic organizations has allowed her the gift of giving back to others while doing something that she loves.  She’s eager to run on behalf of The Foundling because she can combine her passion for running with her commitment to helping children and families in need. As a new member of The Foundling’s Junior Board, she’s looking forward to the beginning the marathon of working together to benefit our communities.

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Holly Smeltzer HeadshotHolly Smeltzer

Holly, who has run half marathons in the past, is committed to finding time to exercise and promote self-care. She’s proud to run the United Airlines NYC Half with Team Foundling – this is her first time running with a charity partner, and she’s excited to work toward her fitness goals while giving back to the community. Holly’s ties to The Foundling run deep – not only does she work as The Foundling’s Associate Vice President of Supportive Housing, but she is a foster parent as well! “I’ve always believed in the incredible work being done at The Foundling, even before I was an employee here,” she says. “Now that I am an employee, I believe in the mission and values even more!”

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Vic MitchellVictor (Vic) Mitchell

As an award-winning entrepreneur, Vic has founded, acquired, and turned around a number of diverse businesses over the past 35 years. He is also committed to giving back – Vic’s been involved with various charities and philanthropic efforts around food insecurity, criminal justice, affordable healthcare, and freeing the wrongly convicted. Running for The Foundling, he’s excited to complete the United Airlines NYC Half while supporting the children, adults, and families in our community.


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