Team Foundling 2022: Meet our NYC Marathon Runners!

On November 6, Team Foundling will take to the streets for the TCS New York City Marathon! The world’s largest marathon and a source of inspiration to runners worldwide, the race will include over 50,000 athletes who will complete a 26.2-mile route through all five boroughs of New York City.

This year marks our largest team of runners yet – and while they come from different backgrounds and have different athletic aspirations, they all share a commitment to not only reach their personal race goals, but to raise money for the children, adults, and families in our Foundling community as well.

Read more about each of our team members below, and learn how you can support them and The Foundling.

Ryan Dykhouse Ryan Dykhouse

 Ryan has only been running for four years, but in this time, he has participated in the 2018 Detroit Marathon, as well as the Brooklyn, NYC, Disney, and Portland Half Marathons. He loves the runner community, especially around big races, and how supportive everyone is when you are training and participating in an event. For the NYC Marathon, he’d ideally like to break the 4 hour barrier.

It’s his first time running with a charity partner, and he’s excited for the opportunity. Not only is he looking forward to the comraderies and shared commitment that comes with running with a team, but he’s passionate about The Foundling’s work. As he shares, “The Foundling is such an incredible institution for kids in New York City. As a former NYC public school teacher, I am thankful for any organization that works to provide underserved youth with opportunities to embrace life and grow into the best people they can be. And The Foundling is exactly that kind of organization.”

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Eric KanagyEric Kanagy

Eric has completed 4 marathons in the past (including the NYC Marathon), and is excited to run for The Foundling this year! He enjoys running in lower Manhattan and Central Park, and particularly cherishes how the sport provides him with the opportunity to think without distractions.

As a foster parent with The Foundling, he shares a personal connection to our mission, and is excited to support our work!

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Jeffrey TuchmanJeffrey Tuchman

Jeffrey’s been an avid runner for 15 years, and has completed two marathons and five half marathons. Most recently, Jeffrey was a member of Team Foundling for the 2022 United Airlines Half!

He is eager to run for The Foundling once again, as he cares about children and supports investing in their present and future.

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Timothy WilliamsTimothy Williams

Timothy’s been a runner for 18 years, and most recently ran with us for the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon earlier this year!  His favorite places to run are across NYC and on the beach, and he particularly enjoys the sense of accomplishment that running gives him.

Timothy comes to Team Foundling through a deep understanding and passion for our mission. He is a foster parent with us, and was drawn to create a safe, loving environment and life for children who need a supportive home. Timothy is excited to combine his interest in running with his dedication to helping our Foundling community.

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Emerson DavisEmerson Davis

Emerson will be running her very first marathon as part of Team Foundling! She’s been a runner off and on since high school, and has completed in five half marathons in the past. Her favorite song to run to is Higher Love by Whitney Houston, and her favorite places to run are Prospect Park and Central Park.

She is particularly passionate about The Foundling’s Haven Academy and our Haven Kids Rock performing arts program. “I believe in the transformational power of the arts and Haven Kids Rock is a wonderful example of that,” she shares.

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Jacqueline Falcon

Running “can provide a mental and physical escape, and is one thing that’s completely powered by you,” says Jacqueline. She’s been a casual runner for the past 10 years, and has completed a few 5k runs, but this is her first marathon! She’s excited to soak up the energy of the city, and to finish the race.

Jacqueline’s excited to raise money for The Foundling, and has a personal connection to foster care and adoption. “I believe strongly that having an advocate for you can completely change the course of your life,” she says. “My mother was someone who was adopted at age 13 and suffered through a difficult home environment. She ultimately was set on a better path thanks to someone who was able to advocate and give her access to resources like the ones that The Foundling provides.”

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Amanda BrownAmanda Brown

Amanda has been a runner for her entire life, and is excited to finish the NYC Marathon! She enjoys running in forests and parks, to Beyonce, Drake, and Brockhampton’s music.

Running for The Foundling is just one more way she’s deepening her connection to The Foundling – she also serves on our Junior Board, was a Camp Counselor at Camp Felix, and volunteers regularly for the organization. “My work with The Foundling is what inspired me to become a teacher, and to teach in a high need, urban environment,” she says.

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CL Freedman

CL is a beginning runner who hopes to complete the NYC Marathon this year! She enjoys running because you need nothing but an open road, and enjoys running along the West Side Highway.

CL was formerly on The Foundling’s Junior Board, and is drawn to our organization’s deep history and wide scope of programs.

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David Stuckey David Stuckey

David is excited to join Team Foundling and complete the marathon in under 3:45. He enjoys running along NYC’s waterfronts, as well as in neighborhoods that he’s unfamiliar with. Running allows him to clear his head – he often doesn’t listen to music, and running gives him time to think.

David is excited to be on Team Foundling – he loves that the organization provides holistic support to families and young people, from counseling to housing to education and so much more!

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Cecile CurtinCecile Curtin

Cecile has been a runner for 7 years, and has completed the virtual Boston Marathon, the Philadelphia Marathon, and the Marine Corp Marathon. For the NYC Marathon, she hopes to finish in under 5:30-6:00.  She enjoys running in Cape Cod and Central Park, and likes that it provides a chance to zone out and clear her head.

Her connection to The Foundling comes through family – her daughter Taylor previously worked for The Foundling as an Education Specialist! 

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