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Q&A with Jahleesa Wise | Administrative Assistant | 1 year at The Foundling

The Foundling offers dynamic and progressive services and programs to 30,000 children and families each year, but what makes each of our programs so unique and successful are our employees and staff.  Everyone who works at The Foundling is motivated, passionate, caring, creative, strong and goal-oriented.


Get to know the people inside our organization by reading our blog each week as we highlight a new staff member.  We’ll ask them questions about their role at The Foundling, what their passions and hobbies are outside of the office, and recognize their achievements and accomplishments.


What are your major responsibilities?

My major role is to provide administrative support to the Developmental Disabilities Division and our new program FOCUS-NICH which uses an Evidence Based model. Essentially, I am a part of two worlds here at the Foundling. I work directly with Jill Gentile our Senior Vice President in ensuring that our programs have everything they need to be successful day to day. I also work with the Evidence Based administrative staff to help bridge the gap between the two worlds.


How does your department help the people and communities we serve?

The Foundlings’ Developmental Disabilities Division provides respite, resources and supports to people with developmental disabilities. Our goal is to help them to live as independently as possible at home and in their communities. Our staff works with individuals by identifying their strengths and developing their personal goals to fulfill their dreams.


What has driven you to be where you are today?

I’ve always wanted to work for a nonprofit because I love helping those that are in need. Although I do not work directly with the individual, I can say that because of the success I bring to my programs we are connected in some way.


What inspires you most about working at The Foundling?

I loved the spirit that The New York Foundling has on reaching out to the community, lending a hand where needed and always looking for ways to connect to those who need us most.


Who is your role model?

I believe my mother is my biggest role model. She is the only person that knows me better than myself. She pushes me beyond my limits and without her I would not be here today.


If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

 I am a huge fan of pasta…so possibly Italy to taste the real deal.


Tell us about the latest book you’re reading?

As a huge Harry Potter fan, I find that I always have to read the series over and over again so that I always feel enrolled in Hogwarts.


What is your spirit animal and why?

I would say I am a deer. I am highly sensitive and have a strong intuition. I have the power to gracefully deal with challenges and I master the art of being both determined and gentle in my approach. I compare my ability to be vigilant, moving quickly and trusting my instincts with this animal.


State a fun fact about yourself.

I was a vocal performance major my first two years of school. I was classically trained as a lyric soprano.


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