My Life at Spelman College | Foundling Guest Blogger, Tiana

My first semester at Spelman College was an amazing one, one to remember. I came to Spelman as an economics major with a minor in management and organization. As a freshman, I have already been awarded with an amazing opportunity: I applied for a four-year internship with AT&T and I was granted with the position!


This is an amazing opportunity because it rotates interns in different areas such as sales, finance, and marketing. I am still unsure of what I want to do with my degree in economics but this internship provides a way for me to gain experience in various areas. Before I came to Spelman, upperclassmen were warned about the struggle of finding internships. I was able to overcome this challenge! Receiving this internship was one of my greatest accomplishments during my first semester.


Spelman College is the school for sisterhood. This semester I have created lifelong ties with my Spelman sisters. Each day I am reminded of why I chose to attend a Historically Black College—and why I chose Spelman. There are bonds here that cannot be created anywhere else. Everyone cares about your success. Students are constantly offering help to other students; such as tutoring, personal trainers, and even as just an ear to listen. I cannot wait to see what Spelman College offers me in my future.


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