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Written by Foundling Guest Blogger, Tiana, a Former Road to Success Student


This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to intern with AT&T. This was by far the best opportunity that anyone could ever ask for. It was more than an insight to working in the real world. I had the opportunity to shadow individuals in multiple positions.


I was able to work closely with the Director of Market Sales, the New York and New Jersey Market Director, the Corporate Director of AT&T, Directors of Sales, Retail Sales Consultants and Area Retail Sales Managers. I was placed into a position where I was able to experience AT&T at various levels. I learned both the different and similar skill sets at each position. This also allowed me to learn about AT&T from both a corporate and retail standpoint.


From Microsoft Excel, to corporate mapping for company cars, and even basic skills such as how Retail Sales Consultants interact with domestic as well as international customers, it was a true learning experience.


Towards the end of the internship we were all given a project. My project consisted of visiting AT&T retail stores in the New York and New Jersey area. I visited twenty- two stores in the Manhattan and Queens area. While I was visiting I observed numerous aspects of the store, ranging from the upkeep of the store, to the sales pitches during each customer interaction and even how each customer was greeted as they entered the store. I took data from each of these stores along with the data the other interns had collected and made a presentation containing information about nearly sixty stores. This internship was truly amazing!


Recently I was notified that I was selected for the new AT&T College Ambassador Program. I can’t wait to blog about this upcoming experience!


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