Meet Team Foundling’s 2023 NYC Marathon Runners!

On November 5, 2023, over 50,000 athletes will take to the streets for a 26.2-mile route through all five boroughs of New York City – and 11 of them will be running in support of The Foundling!

Meet our team of runners below – each of them are incredible athletes, and all share a commitment to raising money to help build futures for the communities we serve in New York and Puerto Rico. Learn more about each runner, and help them reach their goals here.


Jean GrecsekJean Marie Grecsek

Since 2000, I’ve run over 50 distance races, including 10 full marathons. I’m a proud New Yorker, and I look for ways to give back to my community where the needs are greatest. In years past, I have combined my love of running with raising money for charities like Fred’s Team in the past, and am excited to run for The Foundling.

I knew about The Foundling because my cousin had adopted her two children through the organization years ago. I learned more recently about the wide scope of programs and services that the organization provides and I was excited to learn about an opportunity to get involved. As a mother of seven, I understand the challenges that even the most supported parents and families face, and feel that the resources that The Foundling provides to families who are struggling is critical. I’ll work hard to raise awareness and funds for the organization.

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Suzanne O’Brien

I believe we are all here to help one another in this life.

The Foundling has given many people, couples, and families the opportunities and tools they need. This is my first time running for a cause, and I’m happy to be giving back to The New York Foundling. I grew up hearing about the organization and how wonderful their work is. I’m so proud to be a representative of the work.

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Charlotte Loper

I am very excited to run for Team Foundling! As an infant, I was sick and put in the care of The Foundling Hospital. I received care and attention and was able to be placed in my family. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to give back to an organization that gave me so much, many years ago!

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Ben Oxnard

I joined the New York Foundling Junior Board in 2022, and I’m happy to run and fundraise for Team Foundling this year!

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Shawn Garrett

My connection to The Foundling is new, but I’m passionate about the mission. From a young age, I have donated my time to empowering those in impoverished communities. Helping those of lesser means is a life goal of mine. I’m excited to run and fundraise for Team Foundling.

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Pilar Grullon

I am a former colleague of the Foundling’s President and CEO and Chief of Staff. The Foundling understands that mental health is the foundation for stability and function and dedicates significant resources and programming to address this, especially among communities that are predisposed to experiencing mental health issues due to the challenges in their everyday lives.

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Niall Keane

Growing up I had always heard about The New York Foundling, an anchor institution in New York City that provides unparalleled social services in five focus areas: child welfare, developmental disabilities, education, health and behavioral health, and juvenile and criminal justice. As an organization, their work is rooted in building and nourishing community, with the goal of helping individuals reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

This year, when adversity is facing so many people and coming in so many forms, I am running the TCS New York City Marathon for The New York Foundling to support this mission of empowerment and community building. Since its founding in 1869, The Foundling has utilized evidence-based research to amend vulnerability in our communities, while concurrently bringing heart, generosity, and humanity to every person they serve.

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Robert Holmes

I’m passionate about the community and The Foundling’s mission. With every step I take, I will be raising critical funds to support an organization in whose work and mission I deeply believe. By supporting me, you’re really supporting the 30,000 children, adults, and families in The Foundling’s programs every year.

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Miles Kurtz

This is my first time running for a charity partner. I am passionate about The New York Foundling and their mission. I believe in providing opportunities for children regardless of circumstances so they can grow up to achieve their potential.

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Eric Kim

Go Team Foundling!


Connor Zielinski

Transformational change is possible,  but sometimes only with some help. The Foundling inspires me and many others to support any way we can, and I genuinely believe in the mission. I am a massive proponent of ending the mental health stigma, and I fully believe everyone deserves a fair shot at a healthy and happy life. I want to continue to help remove obstacles for people across the community.

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