Keeping Families Together at The Foundling


At The Foundling, we trust in the power and potential of people, and work to ensure that all of our neighbors have the tools to thrive.

That’s why we’re committed to evidence-based and research-backed programs that provide the support that allow our community members to weather tough times and work toward success. We believe that this approach is key to keeping our community whole and families intact and successful. These programs provide critical tools and support, and build a strong foundation for lifelong growth.

Nadia, who serves on our Board of Trustees, would agree.

When she became pregnant at 15, she knew she needed a supportive place to live, and guidance on how to care for her daughter. Through our residential Mother Child program, she found a safe home, parenting assistance, life skills training, and the encouragement to pursue her own aspirations.

Our caring staff provided Nadia with the support to be a great mother, as well as the motivation to pursue her education and career goals.

Now a Managing Director at a top professional services firm, Nadia is grateful that The Foundling provided her a helping hand when she needed it. Through her work on our Board, she enjoys giving back to The Foundling, and is proud to help support the next generation of parents, their children, and others in our programs.

Nancy and her childrenThis work helps people like Nancy, a mother of four who needed help after escaping an abusive marriage.

With the support of Foundling counselors and therapists in our Healthy Families program, she was able to work through her past trauma, adjust to life changes as a single parent, and provide the communication and stability needed for her four children to succeed. Now, she is an independent role model for her children, and her family is thriving.

“My experience with Healthy Families has been amazing,” Nancy says. “Family therapy helped me realize how to be a better parent. We are able to communicate better, manage time better. I’m able to keep up with my family because I got that help.”

The Foundling serves over 30,000 people each year, including many more like Nadia and Nancy – parents and families who are working to reach their full potential and transform their lives for the better. Throughout our 50+ programs, we provide this support to community members facing numerous obstacles – parents undergoing change, adults with developmental disabilities, youth in the child welfare system, and more. However, we can only do this important work with the help of supporters like you.

This holiday season, consider making a donation to make a difference in the lives of everyone the Foundling serves.


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