Winter Comfort Foods Done Right!

Written by Foundling Guest Blogger, Madeline Rizzuti, RDN

Long winter days (and those even longer winter nights) drive many of us into cabin fever hibernation mode. After braving the brutal weather, people are often tempted to choose more warm, indulgent, and highly caloric meals. Comfort foods don’t have to be a guilty pleasure! By tweaking recipes and making small substitutions in the kitchen, you can create amazing and comforting dishes without sacrificing flavor.


The New York Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Program uses a scrumptious seasonal winter menu in their homes. We work hard to create fun, tasty, nutritious recipes that are perfect after a blustery cold day. Little tricks include using low fat dairy products, choosing leaner protein sources, and of course adding veggies in unsuspecting places. Instead of frying, bake! Drink a nice big mug of hot tea with lemon and honey before your meals to help curb your appetite and stay warm. The possibilities are endless.


 Go ahead and try these healthy comfort food recipes that come straight from our menu!



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