Through our Youth on the Rise Program, Marquise Found the Support to Thrive

Marquise and Khristian

When Marquise joined our Youth on the Rise program, he found a new outlook on life.

Marquise, a high school student living in Brooklyn, was falling behind in his high school courses, had difficulty setting goals, and was often distrustful and quiet around others.

Young people in foster care often face obstacles – but our Youth on the Rise program is expressly designed to break down these barriers. Each participant is assigned to a mentor for one-on-one guidance, and is provided with the holistic support necessary to successfully make progress for the future.

When Marquise was paired with Khristian, the two formed a close bond. Not only did Khristian provide academic help, but he also was a source for mentorship and guidance. They kept in contact regularly through text – ensuring that there was always an open line of communication – as Marquise began to work on his academic, social, and personal goals.

This partnership with The Foundling – and supporters like you – has made a world of difference. “He’s done a complete 180,” says his foster mother. Marquise is now on track to graduate, has more confidence in himself, and is looking forward to college.

This is what The Foundling’s programs do each day – we provide children, adults, and families with the support to pursue their aspirations and find success.  And we can only do this through the generosity of our community. Your donation can help young people in foster care like Marquise succeed academically, and provide stability, strength, and hope to the 30,000 children, adults, and families we serve each year.

Make a donation this holiday season  – every dollar can give our neighbors across New York and Puerto Rico the support to transform their lives.


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