The Power of Giving Back: When We Can’t Always be Together, our Junior Board Finds a Way to Volunteer and Provide Career Support

Our passionate and diverse Junior Board is united by their shared commitment to support The Foundling’s work, and is dedicated to volunteering their time with the children, adults, and families we serve across New York City and surrounding counties.  As we celebrate National Volunteer Week this year, we spoke with Greg Novick and Anna Liu from our Junior Board. These members helped devise a unique way to give back virtually when in-person opportunities were put on hold because of the pandemic. Below you’ll read about their experiences and the long-lasting impact they’ve made for some of the teenagers in The Foundling’s programs.

“This has been a challenging year on many levels,” said long-time Junior Board member Greg Novick. Involved since 2018, Greg is now in a leadership role within The Foundling’s Junior Board. “The circumstances surrounding 2020 and beyond have forced us to change the way we work together. Thankfully, the Junior Board has discovered effective ways to navigate these circumstances and continue to push towards our mission of helping those in need. Shifting to all virtual meetings has enabled us to consistently discuss ideas and stay in touch.”

For Anna Liu, who joined The Foundling’s Junior Board this year, her experience has only been virtual,  but she quickly felt The Foundling’s warmth, inclusivity, collaborative spirit, and dedication to responding to the needs of our community. “Everyone is so proactive and willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved.  The Foundling has been a leader in finding special and creative virtual opportunities for each of us to give back,” she said.

One of these inventive opportunities is The Foundling’s “Career Corner” – an ongoing schedule of virtual career-focused events created to engage young people in our Mentored Internship Program.  Greg and Anna both participated in this initiative and found it extremely rewarding.

Greg Novick

Greg spoke to five teenagers about his career journey, which has led him to work for Major League Baseball! “I shared the importance of networking, making an effort to meet new people and offering your help to others in a professional setting. You never know when an exciting opportunity can present itself and people remember when you pay it forward. I was impressed with the thoughtful questions asked by the participants and was happy to share my own experiences and any welcomed advice. I serve on the Junior Board because I want to leave an impact on the lives of young people and help steer them on a path to success. Contributing my time was really rewarding.”

Anna Liu

“I want to support and empower young people in The Foundling’s programs to follow their passions,” said Anna. “And, it’s okay to sometimes feel discouraged by the intimidating world of internships, jobs, and networking – but it’s important to continue being your best advocate and persevere. I discussed the significance of building a strong personal brand through professional engagements and platforms like LinkedIn with the students in the Mentored Internship Program. I can relate to entering the workforce as a young person. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in their position, wishing I participated in more events like these for encouragement. It felt exciting to answer questions about my career and offer advice as they embark on their professional journey.”

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