TCS NYC Marathon Team Foundling Runner, Stephanie

We’re getting closer and closer to the TCS New York City Marathon, happening Nov. 5! The New York Foundling is an official charity partner with the TCS NYC Marathon, which means we have an official “Team Foundling” comprised of 5 runners — all helping us raise awareness and funds for our mission.


Meet Stephanie! The 33-year-old is passionate about what we do (it may be why she works with us as a Family Functional Therapy (FFT) therapist!) Here, she answers a few of our questions about why she decided to run this year’s marathon for Foundling.


Q: When did you begin running as a sport or hobby, and why do you enjoy it?


A: I have never been much of a runner, but started taking it up within the past year or so. I really enjoy taking long walks and hikes with my 2 dogs in state parks as I find it a great way to de-stress and relax after the craziness of fieldwork in the city, and have recently began to push myself more into running those paths.


Q: When did you begin training for this year’s marathon?


A: Just a few months ago, and starting with NYC RR Virtual Trainer (prayers and good vibes welcome!)


Q: What motivated you to run for The New York Foundling’s team in the TCS Marathon?


A: I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of The Foundling and am passionate about the work that I do with my kids and families, and personally I wanted to challenge myself physically to get into shape.


Q: What makes you passionate about The New York Foundling’s cause? Why do you want to support it?


A: I have seen the value of my own work as a Functional Family Therapist working with kids and families in the criminal justice system, and have so appreciated the opportunity to empower those families to succeed through sound evidence-based treatment. Professionally I have also been encouraged and motivated by wonderful supervisors and a caring team who have supported and encouraged my own personal growth, and have been greatly impressed by the passion with which they serve their families.


Q: What are you most looking forward to about this year’s race?


A: I am looking forward to the experience of being with runners from all over the world and with the motivation that I am running for a cause I very much believe in.


Q: Why would you encourage others to support you in this race?


A: For those who would support this endeavor, I would like them to know from firsthand experience how important the work is the NY Foundling does with families and children, and how it can save a life, or at least provide a young person hope for a better and more successful future. I have seen kids who others might have written off due to what appears on paper-repeated legal involvement, truancy, delinquent behavior, aggression, etc., begin to see themselves as more than the products of their unhealthy decisions and begin to turn around their lives. It has been a humbling honor and privilege to participate in this work, and anyone who would support me in this race can have the assurance of knowing that their money is directly changing lives of children and families throughout NYC.


Please support Stephanie in the marathon, happening on Nov. 5, 2017! By doing so, you’re also helping us aid 30,000 kids and families in need of services in NYC. Donate to Team Founding here.


The New York Foundling is an official charity partner with the TCS New York City Marathon. Meet the rest of our team below:


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