Shawn DD

Shawn was diagnosed with a developmental disability as a child, making everyday tasks difficult. Since 2011, he has lived at a supportive Foundling residence in Rockland County, and for the past five years, has received additional skills training through our Community Habilitation program. Given his disability, he faces numerous challenges in daily life – but with The Foundling providing a helping hand, Shawn has made tremendous strides toward independence.

For Shawn, learning to drive has been one of his personal goals for more than five years, though he hadn’t yet succeeded in passing his permit test. When Shawn’s routine was upended during the pandemic, he took a renewed approach to studying, while being supported by his Foundling Community Habilitation Specialist. Together, they reviewed sample tests and went on the road to practice concepts firsthand. In September, Shawn took the exam again—and passed with a perfect score. He now looks forward to beginning driving lessons and pursuing the new opportunities that a license will bring. With The Foundling helping him navigate, Shawn looks forward to steering the way toward further independence.

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