After enduring physical violence at home and battling chronic depression, Denisha left home at age 14 and spent her teenage years in foster care. As Denisha approached her 18th birthday, she sought more independence – a transition that is hard for young people in foster care, who often lack a traditional support system. Denisha was driven to succeed, however, and applied to The Foundling’s Supportive Housing Program: a residential program that works with young adults to eliminate barriers to independent living.

Partnering with Foundling staff, Denisha was able to address her mental health needs, learn important life skills, become financially stable, and pursue her educational aspirations. The Foundling was Denisha’s safety net as she learned the skills she needed to succeed on her own. This year, Denisha completed a Master’s program in early childhood education, was hired as a full-time 1st grade teacher, and recently moved into her own apartment. With The Foundling’s continued guidance, Denisha is excited for the next stage of her journey, and looks forward to what the future will bring.

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