Nitegua, Najay & Nellieann Received the Tools to Move Forward


Caring for a newborn and a toddler is a lot to handle in the best of times, but COVID-19 has posed even more challenges for young families. During the height of the pandemic, Nitegua – a mother of two infant children, Najay and Nellieann, in the Bronx – faced new pressures in balancing pandemic safety measures with childcare and necessary household tasks.

As a resilient and dedicated mother, Nitegua was willing to do whatever it took to best provide for her family’s needs—and when she began her work with Strengthening our Families, she had access to a new support system that was there to help. Her Founding coach, Melanie, provided support to improve her family’s stability—GED classes for her husband, guidance as she worked to secure better housing, and more. With Melanie’s help, Nitegua enhanced her budgeting and household management skillsets, and was able to move into a new apartment that fit her family’s needs. Now, her family is doing great— “[The Foundling] helped me execute the plans I had in place to move my family forward,” she says.

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