As a person with developmental disabilities living in one of our residences, Adeola faced a number of difficulties in achieving her goals. Like many young people, Adeola has always wanted to find employment, go to college, and become independent—but she struggled to find pathways to achieve this on her own, and felt stagnant in her life trajectory. Over the past three years, however, she’s discovered an incredible support system within The Foundling—and her future is bright.

After joining our Employment Services program, she began to learn important job skills and gained experience through volunteering. After a year and a half of intensive training, she now works part-time as an Administrative Assistant. The program continues to influence her continued success—she regularly reviews her notes to brush up on skills, and Foundling staff continue to provide workplace guidance as needed. At the same time, Adeola is pursuing her education. She’s a full-time college student, working toward her bachelor’s degree in Disability Studies. The Foundling has been proactive in ensuring that she take advantage of all resources available to her, and she’s succeeding in the final year of her studies. As an aspiring artist, she hopes to one day teach art to others.

Adeola never would’ve imagined she’d be where she is today—and now, she is living the life she dreamed.