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Delany and her Family’s Partnership with The Foundling

Delany and Melody

Middle school is tough for all children of all backgrounds, but Delany struggled more than most.  In 6th grade, her deep struggles with anxiety, sadness, and insecurity severely impacted her life at school and home. She was intensely consumed with worry, and didn’t know how to process these feelings.

When school staff referred her to The Foundling’s School-Based Mental Health program, her outlook began to change. The program, which operates in 20 select New York City public schools, provides students with access to one-on-one therapists and a safe space to explore their thoughts. As Delany began working with a Foundling therapist, she learned strategies to cope and renew her focus – tools that have helped in her successful transition to high school. When the pandemic struck last year, Delany’s younger sister, Melody, began to experience significant anxiety resulting from all the disruptions to her life. This time, Melody and Delany’s mother knew where to turn. She reached out to The Foundling, and Melody was matched with a Foundling school-based therapist who helped her build her own set of tools to work through her anxiety. For the entire family, The Foundling is a vital partner, providing the support and mental tools to move forward.

These sisters and their loving mother know they can count on The Foundling – no matter where their path leads.

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