My Life at Spelman College | Foundling Guest Blogger, Tiana

Written by Foundling Guest Blogger, Tiana, a Former Road to Success Student


During orientation, new students were told that “A Spelman woman always has a lot on her plate, she knows balance.” This past semester was indeed a full plate; however, I felt that I was lacking the balance I needed. I was adjusting to extremely difficult classes along with work study, as well as a regular job, amongst other things. The first semester of my sophomore year at college turned out to be the biggest wakeup call of my life!


I thought I had my entire life planned out: I was a sophomore majoring in Economics, minoring in Management & Organization, and had an amazing position with a Fortune 500 company, AT&T. I knew exactly what I wanted to be in life: I wanted to start my own chain of businesses and give back to the community I came from. There was no doubt that I was on track to achieving every goal I had previously planned out. Spelman College taught me that things did not always go according to plan and sometimes changes are necessary.


If someone were to tell me that I would feel lost and unsure of who I was by mid sophomore year, I would have laughed! But that became my reality. I took my first course aligned with my Economics major and realized that didn’t suit me. I gave my Macroeconomics course every ounce of strength and still, it was not enough. I knew that college was the place for finding oneself, learning new things and developing a new mindset, yet it never dawned on me that I could or should rethink my entire plan and change the route to achieve my goal.


I began my year at Spelman College as an Economics major and by the end of the semester, I learned that the best route for me was to become a Sociology major with a minor in Management & Organization. I still have the same goal of opening my own international chain of businesses, local businesses, and building recreational centers in low income communities, but now I am just on a different path to achieving my goal!


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