Mirza’s Story


Mirza is a 22-year-old former foster youth living in the Bronx. She was recently hired by The Foundling as a Resource Specialist for our Queens office. A shining example of someone who defied the odds, Mirza discusses her future ambitions and reasons for them in the audio clip below:




Where so many youth who age out of foster care succumb to homelessness, poverty, and dependency, Mirza is a college graduate living in her own apartment and working full-time for The New York Foundling, the same agency that helped her years ago. 



Mirza used her own initiative and self-advocacy to end up where she is today, but relied on help from The Foundling and others to help her navigate the road to independence. Because of that help, Mirza aspires to use her many talents and passion to “be a part of a positive change in someone’s life. I want to work for a social services agency like The Foundling.”


There are over 1,000 children like Mirza living in Foundling foster homes. All of them have the potential to live independent and fulfilling lives when they age out of care. But they need our help to provide the proper foundation, and a path to true success as adults.


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