Meet Emely: First Generation College Student

 We have a triple match in place for the rest of 2014!! If you make a donation now through the 31st, it is eligible for our board member match AND a second match from a Foundling junior board member. That means if you give $150, The Foundling receives a $450 towards our many educational initiatives – now that is a good investment!


One of the many youths who would benefit from your gift is Emely. Emely is bubbly 20 year old Brooklynite who is enrolled in the Foundling’s tutoring program. She is currently a freshman, planning to major in liberal arts at BMCC; but like most first-year college students, she’s “trying out different areas of study.” Unlike many of her peers though, Emely is the first in her family to continue her education beyond high school.


Last week, you met Emely’s Educational Specialist, Jennifer. Emely says that Jennifer has been there for her through high school when she wanted to transfer to a different school that better suited her learning style, made sure she got tutoring and passed her Regents’ exams, helped her with the college application process, and now as she is helping her accomplish her higher education goals. Most importantly, the two have maintained a close relationship that Emely counts on, she says she “feels like I (she) can tell Jennifer anything.”


Emely is very grateful that she has Jennifer and The Foundling behind her, every step of the way. The advice she would give a struggling student? “Don’t give up, tomorrow will always be a better day”


Help ensure that tomorrow is a better day for young people pursuing their education with a donation to The New York Foundling in 2014You have just three days left to make an impact!

Emely and Jennifer

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