How Sitan and her Daughter Found Stability and Success


For Sitan, a 19-year-old in foster care, new motherhood – at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic – seemed like an insurmountable challenge. But The Foundling was there to help.

Sitan knew how to cope with challenges – but after giving birth to her daughter in April 2020, the additional stress of managing life as a new parent seemed like too much to bear. Her foster care team at The Foundling realized she needed additional support, and so they connected Sitan with a trained therapist, Elisabeth, from our Mental Health Services department.

Through regular sessions and continual communication, Elisabeth became a trusted source of guidance. Sitan learned breathing exercises and coping mechanisms to better manage her stress levels and outlook.

Working together with her therapist, Sitan found the mental space to tackle her challenges one day at a time and make steps in her life toward independence. With the support of The Foundling, she secured daycare for her daughter, rented her own apartment, and found a full-time job.

Thanks to supporters like you, Sitan is optimistic for the future. She is happy, healthy, and feels equipped to care for her young child. “The Foundling’s helped me to become a better me – and a better mother to my daughter,” Sitan says.

Watch Sitan discuss her journey in our new Health & Behavioral Health video:

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