Dr. Vincent J. Fontana establishes The Foundling’s Child Abuse Rehabilitation Program as a short-term residential program for mothers and children to break the cycle of child abuse.

Learn more about our research, advocacy, and public education efforts at our Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection.

Many of the children in The Foundling’s foster care program begin to emigrate to Puerto Rico. To ensure children and families were supported in their new home, The Foundling opens a foster care oversight program in Puerto Rico. Eventually, we shifted service from foster care and now operate Head Start and Early Head Start sites on the island.

The Foundling moved to community-based services, scaling back its central office and creating localized preventive programs within New York City’s five boroughs. The Staten Island Prevention Services Program, the first of these projects, is launched in Staten Island, aimed at strengthening families to prevent foster care placements.