Many of the children in The Foundling’s foster care program begin to emigrate to Puerto Rico. To ensure children and families were supported in their new home, The Foundling opens a foster care oversight program in Puerto Rico. Eventually, we shifted service from foster care and now operate Head Start and Early Head Start sites on the island.

Dr. Vincent J. Fontana establishes The Foundling’s Child Abuse Rehabilitation Program as a short-term residential program for mothers and children to break the cycle of child abuse.

Learn more about our research, advocacy, and public education efforts at our Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection.

The Foundling celebrates its 100th Anniversary with Cardinal Spellman officiating a Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

As The Foundling grows, more space is needed to serve the community. With the needs of children and families in mind, a state-of-the-art building is erected on Third Avenue at 68th Street in Manhattan.

Dr. Joseph DiLeo opened the pioneering Child Developmental Clinic at The New York Foundling Hospital to observe and assess the emotional and intellectual state of young children living at The Foundling.

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St. Mary’s Shelter for Pregnant Women is established, beginning our the long legacy of caring for mothers in vulnerable situations. The program supported women from pregnancy through birth, helping newborns stay healthy and facilitating hundreds of adoptions.

The Foundling’s Pediatric Nurse training program is established. The nursing school became a large division of The Foundling, providing professional training for hundreds of nurses into the 1970s.

The Foundling celebrates its Golden Jubilee. In those first 50 years, 70,100 children were admitted and 16,967 mothers were helped.

St. John’s Pediatric Hospital is added to The Foundling’s 68th Street complex to address the medical needs of the children.

Sister Mary Irene Fitzgibbon establishes a day nursery for pre-school children of working mothers, one of the first of its kind to tailor to the needs of mothers in the workforce.

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