Foster Youth Document First Year of College: Meet Monica

Above: Monica, age 19, studying Psychology and Education


In the future I want to be able to help children because of my experience and what I been through. Maybe I will be able to relate and help others. – Monica


My experience living in Queens College Dorm has been wonderful. I like all the activities organized by The Foundling and the RA’s have been so helpful. I appreciate the Fresh Direct groceries they give to us every Friday! I love my dorm and my roommates are the coolest; fortunately, we all get along. When things aren’t handled correctly we call for a house meeting and talk about the things we need to agree on and fix them; for an example we worked on a plan for each and every one of us to know who will clean the living room and kitchen. Now, we take turns to do our chores.


The Dorm Project provides us free tutoring sessions with very engaged, kind, and smart people. They help us with whatever is it that we need help in. You can also go to events and win prizes and more! It’s a great experience that I have ever done so far in life.


The Queens College campus is so beautiful and they have a huge library. It’s so nice, quiet, and very calm. The people are so nice and very easy to get along with. The food here is fantastic! They have a great workout gym you can go to whatever time you like. It’s open 24/7 and has an awesome big pool.


The above post is an excerpt from an essay written by Monica. Click here to learn more about The New York Foundling’s efforts and role in the CUNY/ACS Fostering College Success Initiative.


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