Father’s Day Spotlight: The Rewards of Being a Foster Dad

Above: Kevin and his wife Kristi were recently recognized at the Administration for Children’s Services’ Foster Parent Awards Dinner.


At The New York Foundling, Father’s Day is a time for us to celebrate and recognize the many pathways to fatherhood and what it truly means to be a dad.


Kevin is one of The Foundling’s many stand-out foster dads. Recently, Kevin and his wife Kristi were recognized at the Administration for Children’s Services’ Foster Parent Awards Dinner for being such outstanding, selfless parents to their little ones.


It was just over a year ago that he and Kristi began their new journey into foster-parenthood. Within the first months of opening their home to fostering, they welcomed in a newborn baby girl and her 1-year-old biological sister, not only doubling their family in a matter of months but also quickly learning the ropes of caring for little ones.


“I’ve really enjoyed watching the kids grow — laughing, smiling, talking and walking and being a part of that whole process,” says Kevin.


Most gratifying of all, though, is when the kids call him dad. The first time it happened, he says he felt “a sense of pride.”


“For me that’s the first time somebody has called me that. It’s a pretty incredible feeling.”


Through the ups and downs of being a first-time parent, as well as navigating the foster care system, Kevin sees the rewards outnumbering the challenges. Initially, the couple decided to become foster parents to make a difference in the lives of children, but now, they feel like the kids have made a difference in theirs. “They’ve greatly impacted our lives,” he says. “It’s a learning process in general. We’re learning more about ourselves and our marriage through this process.”


Kevin’s advice to other new or potential foster parents is to be selfless, and learn to put the needs of the children first. “Then just surrounding them with a whole bunch of love.”


Learn how you can become a foster parent with The New York Foundling.


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