El programa en el hogar Early Head Start de Foundling funciona en Puerto Rico y atiende a embarazadas, bebés y niños pequeños. El programa promueve fuertes relaciones entre padres e hijos y ayuda a proporcionar experiencias de aprendizaje temprano de alta calidad.

    Los servicios de educación de apoyo para la primera infancia para las familias nuevas y futuras son fundamentales para preparar a los niños para una oportunidad de por vida. El objetivo de nuestro programa Early Head Start es preparar a los niños pequeños de comunidades desatendidas para la preparación escolar para que cada uno tenga éxito en la escuela y en la vida después de la escuela. Para lograr este objetivo, brindamos servicios a niños y familias en áreas centrales de aprendizaje temprano, salud y bienestar familiar, al tiempo que involucramos a los padres y cuidadores como socios en cada paso del camino.

    Success Stories

    Ohilda was ready to move cross-country for a new job…

    Ohilda was ready to move cross-country for a new job when she received an unexpected phone call: "You're an aunt!" In that same moment, she was asked to become a foster mom to baby Elizabeth. Ohilda dropped everything, changed her plans, and agreed. From the second newborn Elizabeth arrived at Ohilda's door, The Foundling has provided guidance and resources to make sure Elizabeth, now 5 and living with special needs, receives the best possible medical and mental health care. "There's no greater reward than being a foster parent," Ohilda frequently shares with friends.

    Our Continued


    increase in oral reading fluency by elementary students in our tutoring programs
    program sites in Puerto Rico serving pregnant mothers, new parents, and young children
    instances of serious abuse or neglect uncovered as a result of participation in the CAPP program
    of young people in Families Rising are enrolled in an education program
    mothers with young children who have called The Foundling home
    decrease in reading errors experienced by students receiving literacy tutoring in our Afterschool Allies program.
    Haven Academy, The Foundling's public charter school, is the only one of its kind in the country, targeting children involved in the child welfare system


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    Going Beyond the Child