El programa en el hogar Early Head Start de Foundling funciona en Puerto Rico y atiende a embarazadas, bebés y niños pequeños. El programa promueve fuertes relaciones entre padres e hijos y ayuda a proporcionar experiencias de aprendizaje temprano de alta calidad.

    Los servicios de educación de apoyo para la primera infancia para las familias nuevas y futuras son fundamentales para preparar a los niños para una oportunidad de por vida. El objetivo de nuestro programa Early Head Start es preparar a los niños pequeños de comunidades desatendidas para la preparación escolar para que cada uno tenga éxito en la escuela y en la vida después de la escuela. Para lograr este objetivo, brindamos servicios a niños y familias en áreas centrales de aprendizaje temprano, salud y bienestar familiar, al tiempo que involucramos a los padres y cuidadores como socios en cada paso del camino.

    Success Stories

    From the hospital room to a happy home

    Marina was thrilled to learn she was pregnant for the second time. But when she discovered she was expecting twins, the excitement quickly shifted to anxiety. It had been nearly 13 years since she had her first child, and she worried that having twins would be a completely different experience. With guidance from The Foundling’s Healthy Families Program, Marina refreshed her parenting skills and learned about community resources available to her and the new babies, Amaya and Ayden. From the hospital room to today, The Foundling's family support specialists have been there every step of the parenting journey. “The program has given me confidence in being a mom,” she says.

    Our Continued


    people served in The Foundling's programs every year
    years providing life changing services to children, families, and adults in New York
    program sites providing services throughout the New York metropolitan area
    donation launched The Foundling's work in 1869
    evidence-based models and adaptations implemented with fidelity across our array of programs and service areas
    programs and services serving children, families, and adults across New York and Puerto Rico
    After completing the Healthy Families program, families reported a decrease in family stress and stronger family relationships


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    October 11, 1869
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