Developmental Disabilities Month- Community Prevocation Program

One of the many community job and placement opportunities our Developmental Disabilities Division offers is our Community Provocation program that is designed to help an individual gain volunteer experience in a variety of different fields prior to finding a job. During this volunteer experience they receive support from a job coach who is there to assist and prompt as they learn the functions of the job. In Community Prevocation, an individual splits their time between the volunteer experience and Day Habilitation that is designed to engage them in meaningful activities that develop new skills and independence.


Meet Nancy Roman, a young woman living in one of our Bronx Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs). Nancy Roman is an inspiring young woman currently enrolled in the Community Prevocation program in The Bronx. Nancy has Cerebral Palsy. Nancy embraces each day with purpose and is known for her great sense of humor. Nancy wants to get a job as part of her goal to become more independent. She wants to do something fulfilling and meaningful with her days and wants to make her own money.


Nancy is participating in Community Prevocation so that she can gain experience in a variety of areas to determine what her skills are. So far she has volunteered at Burlington Coat Factory with their inventory and processing team, she has been a volunteer assistant to children with disabilities riding horses as a form of therapy, and she is currently volunteering at a rehab center providing assistance to elderly individuals. Nancy loves to be busy and she is a hard worker. She definitely puts forth her best effort and has expressed that she is motivated to work hard.


Nancy’s dream is to work in an office as a secretarial assistant. She has some experience in this role and she enjoys doing things like filing documents, creating memos, and answering phone calls. With her attitude combined with her work ethic, Nancy is on the road to achieving her dream. When asked what she likes about the program Nancy said “ I like getting out of the house and being busy and being productive. This is helping me reach my goal of gaining independence.” Nancy has especially enjoyed working at Split Rock Rehab center and she always brings a smile to those she is working with there.


Learn more information about the NY Foundling Development Disabilities Division: https://www.nyfoundling.org/program/individuals-with-developmental-disabilities/

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