Building Futures

We work to build futures for our neighbors.

Since 1869, The New York Foundling has supported hundreds of thousands of children, adults, and families on their own paths to stability, strength, and independence. Our evidence-based and research-backed programs and services connect our communities with the opportunities to grow strong, and the tools to shape their own future.

Our Programs

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Programs for parents and children that keep families safe, supported, and together

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Comprehensive services to help adults with developmental disabilities reach their full potential

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Academic programs that eliminate barriers and open the door to opportunity

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Pediatric health care, mental health services, and other programs supporting well-being

Intervention and diversion services to keep young people out of the criminal justice system


We believe that all people—no matter circumstance or zip code—should have the opportunity to thrive. But for all of us, discovering what we are capable of and reaching our full potential requires support along the way. With an effective and interrelated set of services, we work in partnership with our neighbors who create transformational change in their own lives.

Trusting in the Power and Potential of People. Since 1869.

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program sites in Puerto Rico serving pregnant mothers, new parents, and young children
instances of serious abuse or neglect uncovered as a result of participation in the CAPP program
hours of free after-school programming provided to Haven Academy students every year
children and adults served in our programs for individuals with developmental disabilities every year
Invest in Potential and Transformation
Your contribution makes opportunities and support available to people who are working to realize their own strength and independence.
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Success Stories

Sitan Found Support and Stability

As a 19-year-old in foster care, Sitan had already faced a lifetime’s worth of challenges when she gave birth to her daughter in April 2020. But the added stress of managing life as a new parent — during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic — made her struggles feel insurmountable. Her foster care team saw that Sitan needed more help, and connected her with our Mental Health Services department.

Through therapy, Sitan learned breathing exercises and coping mechanisms, and now tackles her challenges one day at a time. Additionally, The Foundling helped her make important steps toward independence— she secured daycare for her daughter, rented her own apartment, and has found a full-time job. She now has the stability to provide for her daughter, and is optimistic for the future ahead.

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