The Incredible Years Blog: Shift of Crisis to Prevention in New York City with the use of Evidence-Based Models in Schools

Incredible Years

Bonnie Loughner, LCSW, Assistant Vice President of our School & Community Impact Program wrote the following post, detailing the impact of using the Incredible Years® behavioral health program in NYC classrooms:

The New York Foundling is one of New York City’s oldest and largest social service organizations. With an internationally-recognized and interrelated set of research-backed services, we work in partnership with children, adults, and families who are working to create transformational change in their own lives.

The Foundling provides evidence-based and evidence-informed programs that focus on keeping families together, preventing abuse and neglect, providing academic support for youth, and giving people with developmental disabilities the tools and training they need to lead independent lives. We understand and know that inter-disciplinary evidence-based preventive interventions are crucial to increasing protective factors for children and families and lead to better outcomes in the long-term. This is notably true in an educational context with children spending between 943 to 1,016 hours a year in a school setting with learning continuing in their home (Pew Research Center, 2014).

In 2016, The Foundling partnered with Incredible Years® as a way to support children and families with social emotional development and parenting skills. We knew that the schools we served needed access to tested and effective preventive programs because we saw the amount of crises that were happening on a daily basis. We looked to Incredible Years, as well as other evidence-based programs, as a way to help shift schools to a more proactive mindset…

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