Diamond and Francina Find a Fresh Start

Diamond and Francina

When Diamond and her mother Francina moved to New York City from Albany, they had difficulty finding stable housing and employment, and Diamond—a teenager struggling to cope with past trauma—was misbehaving, breaking rules, and fighting with her mother. With the help of The Foundling, they transformed their lives for the better. Claudia, their clinician in our KEYS program analyzed their home situation and worked to remove obstacles to the family’s success and well-being.

16 year old Diamond was connected with trauma-focused therapy, and mother and daughter were trained in communication, problem-solving, and conflict management skills. Foundling staff worked with them on job applications, helping secure a permanent position for Francina and a summer job for Diamond, and assisted with navigating bureaucratic issues in maintaining their housing. Whenever the family faced a new crisis, The Foundling was there as a support system, providing them with mental health guidance and encouragement in seeking and pursuing educational and vocational opportunities.

Now, the family is doing great— and with the tools they’ve learned, they’re ready to get through anything together.

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