NYC’s Haven Academy, a Bronx Breakthrough Serving Kids in Foster Care That Carmen Farina Has Yet to Visit

There are several must-stops on a tour of the country’s very best charter schools: In California, High Tech High schools are flat out striking, and Summit founder Diane Tavenner may be personally re-inventing American high schools.


In Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, seeing an IDEA school in action is inspiring (Take your passport; don’t ask why, just do it). Newark’s North Star Academy may have the busiest visit/scheduler in the country. Boston has too many great charters to choose from (Okay, Brooke is a personal favorite) and a KIPP school anywhere warrants a visit just to see its unique student culture in motion.


A new addition to the top of my personal must-see list: New York’s Mott Haven Academy. Who? That’s an understandable reaction. Click here to read the full article. 

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