HuffingtonPost.com | A Special Gift for the Holidays: A Home and Family

Picture yourself at home for the holidays, the smells of dinner coming from the kitchen, the sound of laughter throughout the house, family members on the sofa watching TV. Perhaps old friends are coming by for a visit – maybe gifts will be exchanged. You’re surrounded by people who love you.

Now imagine that none of that exists. Imagine how that would feel. Imagine how that would impact a child.


The New York Foundling has placed thousands of children in stable and loving foster homes over our long history. Brett is one of these young people. In foster care for many years, he found it hard to form long-lasting relationships and became weary of trusting adults. As he transitioned into different foster homes, he started to believe that parental-figures never stuck around for long. Click Here to read the full story. 

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