Provides housing to OPWDD-elgible adults with developmental disabilities. Options include Supervised IRAs with 24/7 supervision, Supportive IRAs with more limited in-home staffing, and Independent Living units for those that can live on their own in the community.

Day programming for OPWDD-elgible adults with developmental disabiliites, providing them with an opportunity to connect with peers and others in their community through social, volunteer, and work-related activities. Site-based and Without Walls options available.

A home and community-based program that assists OPWDD-eligible children and adults with developmental disabilities in maximizing their potential for independence, through one-on-one skills training with a specialist.

Connects students in foster care with long-term, one-on-one tutors to help them master academic skills. Tutors also serve as mentors, modeling positive academic behaviors, assisting in the development of organizational and self-advocacy skills, and fostering persistence and resilience.

Provides comprehensive academic, social, financial, and professional support to help college students in foster care succeed.

Provides in-home/community family therapy, assisting caregivers in helping their children live safely in the community, attend school and achieve vocational goals, and develop prosocial behaviors.
(Evidence-Based Model: Multisystemic Therapy Prevention)

Provides structured family therapy and case management by therapists proficient in
American Sign Language and other relevant services and support.
(Evidence-Based Model: Functional Family Therapy – Therapeutic Case Management)

Provides in-home family therapy and case management support designed to improve parent-child relationships, resolve behavioral issues and strengthen family dynamics.
(Evidence-Based Model: Functional Family Therapy)

A free, home visiting program designed to help new and expectant parents meet the challenges of parenting and ensure the healthy development of their children.

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