Provides housing to OPWDD-elgible adults with developmental disabilities. Options include Supervised IRAs with 24/7 supervision, Supportive IRAs with more limited in-home staffing, and Independent Living units for those that can live on their own in the community.

Day programming for OPWDD-elgible adults with developmental disabiliites, providing them with an opportunity to connect with peers and others in their community through social, volunteer, and work-related activities. Site-based and Without Walls options available.

A home and community-based program that assists OPWDD-eligible children and adults with developmental disabilities in maximizing their potential for independence, through one-on-one skills training with a specialist.

Supports OPWDD-eligible adults with developmental disabilities in securing and maintaining employment. Our team works with participants as they explore career opportunities, learn job skills, gain experience as a volunteer or intern, and ultimately secure paid employment.

Family-centered, community-based services in Staten Island’s North Shore – including a weekly food pantry.

Professional development for social services professionals, school-based workshops, and advocacy to prevent child maltreatment.

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