You Can Help The Foundling Provide Aid to Our Children and Families Afffected By Hurricane Sandy

Like so many New Yorkers, the Foundling family has been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. From our foster homes all across the City to our facility on Staten Island, the children and families we serve are feeling the aftereffects of this storm.


Many of our dedicated and loving foster families have experienced extensive damage to their homes and have been displaced. Problems range from power outages to broken windows to flooded homes to spoiled food. Our residential facilities for families and children are located in some of the hardest hit areas on Staten Island and in lower Manhattan. Fortunately, the children and families in these programs are now safe, but many of the buildings are in desperate need of repair.


The Foundling headquarters at 590 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, which is also home to our Mother/Child and teen pregnancy program that serves up to two dozen young mothers and their babies, lost total power when our back-up generator failed. We moved all of the mothers and their children—some as young as two days old—to a residence in the Bronx, but are now faced with costly repair or replacement of the generator.


Our building on Staten Island that houses a program to help at-risk teenagers improve their lives and get back on their feet, also faced a blackout during the storm. To prevent this situation from happening again, we must purchase a generator for this facility as well.


Some of our families need clothes, food, supplies and shelter. To help them as they face these challenges and to help The Foundling offset some of the costs from the damages we’ve suffered, we have launched an emergency relief fund through the fundraising platform, Deposit a Gift. We are asking the community to help us, and those we serve, by making a donation. Deposit a Gift will generously donate an additional 4% of each contribution given.


If you would like to be a part of The Foundling’s relief efforts, please go to http://foundlingsandyrelief.mydagsite.com Thank you so much for your generosity and support during this difficult time.

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