Why I Support The Foundling

“My involvement with the New York Foundling is very close to my heart. In a way, they have long been a part of my family.”  – Anthony Gallo.


Anthony Gallo was recently appointed to The Foundling’s Board of Trustees. Gallo is the Bronx Division Manager at UPS®, the world’s largest package delivery company. His appointment almost seemed inevitable, as The Foundling has always had a presence in Gallo’s life. His mother was adopted through the agency as a small child.


UPS interviewed Gallo about his commitment to The Foundling and shared it with their employees. Below is an excerpt from their interview:


What is your first memory of the New York Foundling?


Anthony Gallo: I have known about them for most of my life and have always felt a connection to the organization because of my mother’s story. When she passed away in 2011, I asked for donations to the New York Foundling in her name. I wanted to make sure her legacy lived on with them.


How did you first get involved?


Anthony Gallo: Shortly after my mother’s passing, I connected with the development team at The Foundling. I quickly realized there was more alignment with the UPS community values than I thought. One of their key programs, Haven Academy, a charter school in Mott Haven, is down the street from our Manhattan North facility. Our drivers deliver in that community every day, and lots of our employees live or have lived in the area. I knew they would feel a strong connection to what The Foundling does for local families.


Mott Haven is one of the most impoverished congressional districts in the country, with many families struggling in the welfare system. The Foundling opened the first of its kind charter school in the nation, serving almost exclusively the children active in the child welfare system. Children in foster care and foster care prevention programs, as well as children living below the poverty line attend this school.


I made it a personal goal to motivate UPS’ Bronx Division to get involved. We adopted The Foundling as ‘our charity’ for the division and the response was humbling. It confirmed what I already knew – our ties to the community set us apart from many other companies. We truly are the communities that we serve.


How is the Bronx Division involved now?


Anthony Gallo: The Foundling hosts volunteer events throughout the year. The first is a health and wellness event in St. Mary’s Park in the Bronx. Our volunteers help coordinate activities and provide goody bags to the kids and families who attend. Second is The Foundling’s annual Career Night for teens and young adults. UPS sends volunteers to speak about the different opportunities within UPS and what we look for in our employees. And finally, there is an end-of-year BBQ picnic for the Haven families, where we help with preparations and activities.


Besides volunteering, I am proud to say that lots of our division employees designate their United Way donations to The New York Foundling. Those funds, along with the UPS grants that we help secure, provides financial support to Camp Felix, a special overnight camp for children in the welfare system.


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