Why I Support The Foundling | Guest Blogger and Foundling Supporter

By Andria


I became involved with The New York Foundling several years ago.  Their list of services and evidence-based programs seem to grow each and every year.  All are so very important and some are more immediate than others.  Initially my involvement with The Foundling was general in nature, however, as the topic of education becomes more important, I wanted to direct my support to educational services. From private tutoring for children involved in The Foundling’s foster care system to providing youth with after-school programs, The Foundling’s educational services put children on the right track once their more immediate needs are met.


Without these opportunities, life skills and an education, making your way in the real world can be quite challenging.  Michael Zink (Program Director) and his team of tutors go above and beyond to ensure the children they work with have the tools and support they need to navigate their way in the classroom and beyond.  Whether it’s help with schoolwork, an advocate with various resources or an ear to listen and offer encouragement, Michael and his team are there. They are very engaged and become a part of their students’ everyday lives as an additional source of support and stability.



A few years ago we talked about structuring a way to give college students additional support.  And so the annual college advancement stipend began where recipients show commitment to furthering their education.  Funds are distributed each semester to select students and used for a variety of reasons (e.g., book purchases, expenses that might require them to work additional hours and distract from their studies, etc.).  The entire purpose is to help remove roadblocks on their road to success. 


I hear how the students are doing throughout the year and am always so impressed with their progress and achievements.  Higher GPAs, new jobs they excel at, and tackling a different college major are just some examples.  To see the tangible impact of educational services is nothing short of life changing for some of the participants.  Educational services teach students the value of hard-work and commitment but also gives them the safety net and support they need to move ahead.         


I feel so honored to support this initiative and urge others to help the Foundling expand this and other educational service offerings.


Guest bloggers are welcome to write about their involvement with The Foundling and the programs and services that mean the most to them. If you are interested in sharing why you support The Foundling, please email communications@nyfoundling.org. We hope to hear from you soon!







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