The New York Foundling’s Foster Parent Appreciation Night

Above: Foster parents enjoyed a night of food, dancing and raffles.


Each day, The New York Foundling’s foster parents give so much of themselves to care for kids in need of loving, safe homes. So on May 18, we made sure they knew how special they are at our annual Foster Parent Appreciation Night.


More than 100 foster parents from all five boroughs and all three of The Foundling’s foster care programs came together for an evening of fun at Astoria Complex Catering in Queens.


In addition to a warm welcome, the celebration included recognition of the more than 20 foster parents who have provided 15 years of service — and four who have been foster parents for more than 20 years.


During dinner, Brieanna Hayes and Rosie Williams, two former foster youth with You Gotta Believe’s “Nobody Ages Out” Advocates for Youth, talked about their life experiences, the important role of foster parents, and the need for more foster parents in New York City.


Foster parents spent the remainder of the night entering raffles and dancing.


To see photos from this year’s Foster Parent Appreciation Night, visit our Facebook page.


During the month of May, we celebrate National Foster Care Month. Here in New York City, The Foundling has about 700 foster children in our care at any given time.


Across the country, hundreds of thousands of children are in need of temporary foster homes until they can be reunited with their parents and return to a safer, more stable home environment. To learn more about foster care and becoming a foster parent, visit The New York Foundling’s foster care page.

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