The Foundling’s Work Services Program for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

The Employment Transition and Support Program helps individuals with disabilities prepare for employment. Participants gain meaningful and professional experience by engaging in different work experiences—we call this a discovery phase.


The required tasks compliment and challenge their abilities and give participants a sense of pride and accomplishment while allowing them to identify their dream job. Paired with a job coach and an employment seminar, participants gain the confidence to explore new opportunities and develop the skills necessary to become valuable assets to potential employers.


Participants must be 16 years old (or older) to participate. For more information please email I&R@nyfoundling.orgClick here to complete a referral form.


The Foundling's Work Services Program

About The Foundling’s Developmental Disabilities Division:

The New York Foundling provides residential services, innovative community job training and placement, supported living, day habilitation, recreational and educational opportunities and in-home services to individuals and their families. The majority of individuals we serve are adults or young adults and the programs we provide address a specific period in someone’s life or span a lifetime.



The Foundling has programs in all five boroughs of New York City and Rockland, Westchester and Orange Counties.



We discover, build and celebrate the abilities of all people. Our person-centered approach to supporting individuals empowers them to choose where they live, be connected to their communities, have relationships with family and friends and maintain good health, enabling them to live rewarding, fulfilling lives.





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