Staff Retreat at Camp Felix

On September 22nd around 300 Foundling staff from our Evidence Based Community Program (EBCP) visited Camp Felix in Putnam Valley, NY, the same site utilized as a summer camp for 210 children in the care of the New York Foundling this past summer. On this date, instead of campers mingling and playing games, it was The Foundling’s EBCP employees.  
Bill Baccaglini, President and CEO, started the day by welcoming everyone to the retreat. He explained the history of Camp Felix and gave a ton of praise and support to the employees who help make Camp Felix and all Evidence Based Community Programs happen.
Everyone at the retreat were broken into teams and mixed among the many programs and therapy models that The Foundling’s EBCP provides. Each team participated in a sack race, dodgeball, a legs-only balloon pass relay, scavenger hunt, and what seemed to be the most popular event…the lip-sync battle. The day was meant to get employees out of the office, mingling across different programs with other EBCP staff they have not met before, and to have fun. It was a self-care day for everyone who attended and a ‘thank you’ to all the hard work they do on a daily basis. The day was a success and many employees were asking when the next one would occur. 
EBCP employees provide an array of services to adults, children and families across all five boroughs in New York City. These services include: Foster Care, Adoption, Preventative Services (helping keep children at home and families intact), Home-Based Family Therapy, and Mental Health Services.
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