Spotlight on Foundling Volunteer Linda Robbins!

For the last two years, Linda Robbins has been donating her time and enthusiasm to caring for children every single week at The Foundling’s Crisis Nursery, the city’s only 24/7 care center where newborns and children are able to stay with fully trained staff while parents get their health and household back in order.


Linda devotes herself to making the children’s temporary stay as fun and nurturing as possible, from getting creative with arts and crafts, coloring, and reading stories to pitching in with laundry, making home-cooked meals and comforting the children.


As the parents are receiving the help that they need—potentially due to drug or alcohol abuse, domestic abuse situations, housing crises, etc.—Linda helps provides much-needed love and individualized attention to their children. She has even gone the extra mile to give extra attention where needed, like when a toddler was struggling with a speech delay.


The impact that she makes on young lives is tangible. You see the joy in children’s faces when Linda walks into the room on Wednesdays.


In an environment such as the Crisis Nursery, volunteers like Linda are critical. Every moment that the staff spends with these children can have a huge impact — and that’s certainly true with Linda. She will do anything to ensure children staying around the clock feel comforted, safe and loved in their temporary home.

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